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branson tractors

F series

  • F-Series offers useful level of power, intuitive user friendliness and all wheel drive convenience in a compact package. Telescoping, adjustable, hitch stabilizers are standard equipment. Uncomparable 1,500kg rear hitch lift capacity provides all the lifting power you need.


F series Branson Tractors

F Series Branson Tractors offer remarkable convenience, especially if you own a smallholding. These compact tractors for sale sport an eco-friendly engine that's fully tier-4 certified and has an operation rating of 2600 revolutions per minute.

These small tractors also have a "long stroke" design, developed to produce maximum torque at lower driving speeds than other mini tractors for sale. F Series Branson compact tractors have 24 speeds, 12 forwards speeds and 12 for the reverse direction.

To drive the various compact tractor attachments, including tractor implements such as flail mowers, power harrows, compact tractor hedge trimmers, and the like, Branson Tractors have an inbuild 540 RPM Power Take-Off (PTO) as standard.

These tractors for sale have front axles that are 4-wheel drive and are also designed with dual-action, hydrostatic steering. Because a steering drag link isn't a feature of these tractors, the benefit is that you can complete tight 47 degree turns in them with really low steering effort. This means that the steering is easy and operates smoothly, while other hydraulic related functions on the machine can also run very smoothly simultaneously.
Branson's also have a very sturdy three-point hitch, which is balanced precisely with the tractor.

In terms of pumps, this small tractor for sale incorporates dual hydrostatic pumps, one for steering and another for front loader work; if you want to add a compact tractor front loader and turn it into a front loader tractor.

*Beckside Machinery are official Branson Tractor Dealers, UK Delivery available.

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