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branson tractors

K series

  • Exclusively designed Power Transmission offers better fuel efficiency and performance on Branson K Series tractors.

  • Climate controlled and well structured cab fully protects operators from dust and harsh weather conditions.

  • With a strong rear hitch lift capacity of 2,243kg Standard CAT II 3point Hitch allows usage of heavier implements.

  • 3 speed independent PTO is standard equipment which allows operator to switch to approx 540 / 750 / 1,000rpm to operate implements more efficiently and also with greater fuel efficiency.

  • There are front and rear wind screen washers I wipers and the rear window pivots open horizontally both side windows can be cocked open slightly too.

branson tractors k series.JPG

K series branson tractors

Branson Tractors K Series feature a powerfully proficient 3.4 litre 4 cylinder diesel turbo engine. 74bhp is delivered via a superior quality Garret Turbo on the K78 compact tractor for sale. Additionally, the Synchro Power Shuttle drives all four wheels to really feel the power as the tractor travels over any ground.

The cab models have a climate-controlled cabin, for comfort and an enjoyable drive under all weather conditions. These cabs have a superior 360 degrees of visibility. It's a very well designed cab, that shields the driver from dust, rain, snow, and all other adverse weather.

The lift capacity of these compact tractors for sale is very impressive, at 2,243kg, and the solid CAT II 3-point linkage means that the tractor can drive heavy tractor attachments, such as power harrows, flail mowers, compact tractor hedge trimmers, and so forth, easily.

This tractor features two powerful hydraulic pumps, one of which is dedicated solely to steering the vehicle, which means that you can pick up just about any task without thinking that you'll ever lose any power on the steering side of things.

The seat of this tractor is also really comfortable, with a beautiful ergonomic design that makes it a pleasure to drive, even for long hours and in rough terrain.

*Becksidde Machinery are official Branson Tractor dealers, UK delivery available.

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