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Tractor Road Sweeper 

Road Sweepers

Prices are ex. VAT and delivery. Please contact us on 10673 828 965 for the best delivery prices.

At Beckside Machinery, we’re pleased to offer high quality and the best selection of road sweepers you can find on the market.  

Helping you to keep your streets, homes, farmland and more clean, our teams have the knowledge, and the experience to help you select the right road and tractor mounted sweeper for you. 

Sweepers are ideal for cleaning up after events, or for clearing and cleaning access roads, construction sites, car parks, private and public spaces, and a whole host more! 

From sweeper spares and parts to fully trained experts on hand to give you professional advice and support, we can help with information relating to legislation compliance, as well as the latest sweepers for sale, types of compact tractor mounted road sweepers, attachments and more! 

Call us on 01673828965 and let us help you today. 

Powered Road Sweepers 

Our range of road sweepers is designed to offer all of our customers' ease of use, outstanding performance, and a low cost of ownership and maintenance. 

We aim for our range of sweepers to offer innovative solutions and maintenance equipment to customers throughout Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire.


We offer heavy-duty specialist sweepers with a range of attachments and parts to suit each of the individual requirements and specifications. 

So if you’re in the market for a tractor-mounted sweeper, then you can be sure to find it right here with Beckside Machinery. 

Types of road sweepers 

Tractor Mounted Sweepers 

These sweepers help with the collection and removal of surface debris, which is vital to any maintenance programme. 

Ideally, these sweepers should carry out the maintenance you require without damaging the turf or road surface.  This makes having adjustable tractor sweepers essential, those with spiral designed brushes that help to pick up the debris into the large capacity hoppers while following ground contours. 

With many tractors mounted sweepers for sale offering a tip collector, they’re also PT driven, provide high-quality nylon brushes, and most importantly, they are easy to assemble! 

Compact Tractor Mounted Road Sweeper 

These pieces of equipment help in the efficient collection of unwanted debris with the spiral design of the brush, helping to stand up the pile and improve collection. 

The large capacity allows for the collection of debris while also allowing the infill to be returned to the surface, helping to keep surfaces free from contamination and potentially harmful debris. 

Hard Surface Power Sweeper 

Ideal when a more aggressive sweep is required.  A hard surface power sweeper is ideally suited to running tracks and sports surfaces. 

At Beckside, our hard surface towed sweepers are perfectly suited to compact tractors.  This particular type of sweeper is designed with a sprung floor, allowing sand to flow back through the hopper base, while still collecting and sweeping up the leaves and debris as required.


This sweeper can also be ideal when you need to get into those tight corners without the wheels scuffing the area in question. 

These machines offer exceptional sweeping power. 

Lawn Sweeper – Small Tractor Attachment 

These towed lawn sweepers are robust in their makeup and can withstand prolonged heavy use.  

This machine offers superior sweeping power, with the mechanism of the equipment allowing both ground wheels to drive and pick up the brushes. 

The height of the sweeper can be adjusted with ease, and it offers a large capacity with reversing into the tipping heap done easily. 

With a wide range of sweepers to choose from, you can opt for a variety of sweeping abilities. 

For new and used sweepers to suit all requirements, call 01673828965 today and see how we can help you! 

Types of Attachments 

Sweepers can come with a variety of attachments, such as:

  • Power brooms for artificial turf 

  • Multi-tool bristle brushes 

  • Moss remover 

  • Petrol power brooms 

  • Trimmers 

  • Towed blower – moving leaves in bulk, this blower replaces the manual rake, making light of even the simplest of tasks.  Keeping your flower beds, driveways, pathways, and more, leaf-free! 

  • And more! 

Reasons to choose a power sweeper 

Road sweepers and road sweeper tractor attachments can be used to support a multitude of tasks. 

These can include: 

  • Cleaning driveways, pavements, flower beds 

  • Snow removal 

  • Clearing of parking lots, parking bays 

  • Removal of sand and road salt from lawns 

  • Picking up dead grass, debris, leaves, etc 

Following the contours of the ground, mini tractor mounted sweepers can ensure maximum pick up, quality manoeuvrability, clean areas, and maximum maintenance support. 

Tractor sweepers for sale 

At Beckside, we have a range of single-engine, twin engines, powered truck mounts, compact tractor mounted sweepers, and more! 

All designed to cover all aspects of heavy-duty contract work, urban and municipal work, and more. 

All machines are serviced and maintained to a high standard, and our after-sales support service helps to ease your mind, knowing that your equipment can remain in the best condition. 

If you have any technical problems or if you need a little further advice, our team is always on hand to help. 

As well as used sweepers for sale, we also offer modern road sweepers that are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, providing you with nothing but the best performance.  Always. 

Call 01673828965 

Our Services

At Beckside Machinery we offer our customers: 

  • A professional and reliable service 

  • We’re flexible in our offer, including our hire terms 

  • We can provide contract hire on occasion 

  • A wide choice, with professional operators on hand to support 

  • A service that is available throughout Yorkshire 

  • Competitive prices. 

If you’re looking for tractor road sweepers for sale and power sweeper attachments, look no further than the range at Beckside Machinery, 

Call 01673828965 or visit our web pages today. 

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Our products comply with current EU safety guidelines and come with full CE certification for peace of mind.

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All of our machinery includes a parts warranty; for details, please view the individual product pages.

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We offer a competitive and speedy delivery service right to your doorstep.

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Whether you want advice on purchasing or require technical help from our experienced mechanics, we are here to help.

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