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LANDLUGGER BH10 Compact Tractor Backhoe Attachment | Backhoe For Tractor

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

In stock: The NEW LANDLUGGER BH10 compact tractor backhoe attachment, an ideal backhoe for tractor sizes: micro tractors, small tractors, compact tractors. The LANDLUGGER BH10 is a quality compact tractor backhoe attachment. It isn’t “cheap” like some of the relatively “cheap” Asian compact tractor backhoe attachments on the market, which are often fraught with issues such as poor geometry, inferior components, poor bucket design and generally low build quality. No. The LANDLUGGER BH10 compact tractor backhoe utilises high quality componentry and design, to produce a superior backhoe that does what it’s intended to do.

To find out what you can do with a compact tractor backhoe attachment, read our short intro article here.

To view the LANDLUGGER BH10, and other versions of the LANDLUGGER compact tractor compact tractor backhoe attachment, please click here.

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