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Hedge Cutting In Winter | Compact Tractor Hedge Cutter

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Ideally, hedge cutting should take place in winter. That is because the plants will remain dormant and not produce buds.

We have introduced a new range of FarmMaster compact tractor attachments. The FarmMaster compact tractor hedge cutter series are available here.

Since its late September then it’s an ideal month to start planning any hedge cutting, and that always begins with the right equipment.

All of out FarmMaster tractor mounted hedge cutter range have as standard a minimum tractor hedge cutter 2.5 m reach which is fully controllable via the remote control.

Additionally, they clip cleanly, are very safe to operate and no assembly is required.

For more information or to see them in person, please contact James @ Beckside Machinery.

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