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Birds Nests & Use Of A Compact Tractor Hedge Cutter

Updated: May 19, 2020

When working on garden hedges it is important to check that there are no birds nesting, as it is not permitted under the Wildlife and Countryside Act to either damage nor destroy the nest of any wild bird while it is either being used or built. The bird nesting season is usually considered to be from March until August.

Since we are in September, then this is an ideal time to check that there are no active nests and trim conifers and hedges.

An ideal product to do this is with a Farm Master Compact Tractor Hedge Cutter. This not only takes the hassle out of hedge trimming, but it is incredible versatile with a tractor hedge cutter 2.5 m reach which is fully controllable via the remote control.

To check out the Farm Master Finger Bar HFSC1300 compact tractor hedge cutter for sale, please click here.

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