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EFCO Chainsaw

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

EMAK is the manufacturer of EFCO power equipment. Just like other brand names synonymous with Italian quality and high performance engineering EFCO continues with to uphold the reputation of Italian workmanship. Their ergonomic design for comfort and to reduce fatigue there is a model for home use and professional. EMAK are based i northern Italy. EMAK is one of the largest global manufacturers

The EFCO history is just as spectacular as the products themselves. It was the first company in the outdoor power industry to gain ISO9000 and a listing on the stock exchange. EMAK has been established since 1998, and is a multi national company comprised of 8 other companies including BERTOLINI, DYNAMAC, NIBBI, OLEO-MAC, VICTUS.

EMAK was established in the early 1970's with Ole mac in northern Italy with growing interest in industrial garden machinery. In 1978 Giacomo Ferretti set up EFCO which led the market in brush cutters. Due to the merger of Ole-mac and EFCO EMAK was born. After gaining the ISO9000 certification they branched out with the production of petrol lawn mowers. Due to continued expansion and the acquisition of European importers in Germany, France, Spain Belgium and the UK in 1999. In 2000, it was awarded the first position for quality and reliability by Dunn and Branstreet.

Around 2006 it increased it international presence by buying the polish distributor and creating a US distributor. It gained the ISO 14000 for Environmental Management and ISO 8000 for social responsibility which ensure a better build quality with environmental and social responsibility.

It seemed the company had a growing a reputation for quality engineering and agricultural products and growth. In 2008 it acquired Bertolini and reputable manufacturing company in agricultural parts. In 20011 and 202 it acquired companies in pressure washing and components and accessories through Comet, Tecomec, Epicenter, Sabart and Raico. In 2013 and 2014 they consolidated both enterprises and new companies joined from commercial branches, agricultural precision farming, production and packing.

In 2016 it acquired Lemasa, which was a Brazilian company in high pressure pumps. And in 2016 it bought a significant share in Cifarelli because of the acquisition of Lavor.

EFCO has been a house hold name in Italy and Europe for high precision engineering, build quality and strength at a very competitive price for over 40 years. Their range of products has grown along with its reputation and it has an excellent reputation and meets ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and ISO 8000 for its ranges in EFCO chainsaws, riding mowers, blowers, trimmers, strimmers, hedge cutters and lawn mowers.

If you have some woodland on your smallholding that needs to be maintained properly, using EFCO as your choice of woodland machinery would be a cost efficient solution with high quality and durability machinery, which meets the highest quality environmental and social standards.

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