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A hydraulic horizontal log splitter for attachment to loaders, excavators & COMPACT TRACTORS

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

For logs with a typical length of up to 1.2 m, the log splitters currently available on the market are designed to be operated by one person. This kind of wood splitter is usually mounted on a compact tractor with a three-point hitch and has its own oil supply (complete hydraulic unit), which is operated directly by electricity or mechanically by using the tractor's PTO. As most wood splitters can be parked independently, attachment to a small tractor is not usually needed, especially for electrical supply. However, for safety reasons, this is strongly recommended by manufacturers. In any case, the wood splitter must always be operated from a fixed location.

Logs must be loaded into the tractor log splitter and then manually initiated by the person operating it. Both hands must be on the control lever during the splitting process to prevent any hands from interfering with the process and being injured. To place a new piece of wood, the operator must remove the split logs from the "splitting channel" after splitting. For most commercially available tractor monted wood splitters, this work must be performed entirely manually by the operator. In addition to winches, some trator mounted log splitters can pull large pieces of wood toward the splitting table to facilitate manual work. The split logs are conveyed onto the splitting table by a mechanical or hydraulic lifting device on the side of the horizontal log splitter. To operate the compact tractor attachment manually from the ground, the operator must first lay the split material on the lowered lifting device.

Using a hydraulic tractor mounted log splitter and a fully mechanized recording device that attaches to any self-propelled machine, fully mechanized log processing can be performed by one person. Drivers are the only ones who can operate the device. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to dismount the log splitter from the working machine. It is an efficient, fatigue-free, and, most importantly, very safe way to split wood.

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