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A kind of heavy flail mower

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The purpose of this compact tractor attachment is to provide a kind of heavy duty flail mower with tail wheel, with easy to use, logical it's good and lower blade and thus the benefits of crankshaft wear with property, to unravel problems.

To achieve this, the flail mower provides the following technical description:A quite heavy duty flail knife formula with tail wheel is mowed hood soldering member, the hood soldering member connection are fixedly connected with the very best of flail mowers, including bottom plate soldering member, the lowest plate soldering member. There are left back covering, right back shroud and hood, left back covering and right back shroud are flexibly connected with hood, hood is found at hood soldering. The inner side of part, the lower section of hood soldering member is given mounting bracket, and thus the highest contact of the mounting bracket connects left back covering and right bonnet. Plate, the surface of mounting bracket connects mounting bracket, the two ends of mounting bracket given connecting plate and tail wheel, tail wheel is installed by installing connecting plate it's fixedly connected below hood soldering member, hood soldering member and is additionally given cutter shaft soldering member, the surface of the cutter shaft soldering member is given Y Type flail mower blade, one end of Y type flail mower blades is flexibly connected cutter shaft soldering member, and thus the 2 ends of cutter shaft soldering member are flexibly connected hood soldering member, machine cover soldering member, which is fixedly connected at the very best of hood, hood, is connected with suspension soldering member, and thus the suspension soldering member includes arm-tie, upper suspension pin With suspension connecting plate, upper suspension pin is found at the very best of suspension soldering member, and one end of arm-tie is flexibly connected hood, the other end of arm-tie connection suspension soldering member, the lowest of suspension soldering member is flexibly connected suspension connecting plate, and thus rock bottom of suspension connecting plate is fixedly connected with machine. Gearbox assembly is additionally equipped with the very best of cover, hood, the side of the gearbox assembly is connected with protective covering and power shaft, transmission. One end of axle is connected with belt pulley set component, and thus the belt pulley set component includes big belt pulley and tiny belt pulley. This is connected between small belt pulley by belt, big belt pulley and tiny belt pulley are fixedly connected with the surface of hood soldering member, and belt lace. The wheel is fixedly connected with cutter shaft soldering member.

It is used as further program of the flail mower for sale: The Y types flail mower blade is evenly distributed on the surface of cutter shaft soldering member. It is used as further program of the flail mower. The protective covering and transmission between centres are in 90 degree of angles, and power shaft is found at the very best of hood. It is used as further program of the utility mode:The cutter shaft soldering member runs through hood soldering member.

Compared with prior compact tractor attachments, the utility model has a beneficial effect: This novel heavy duty flail mower, left back covering and thus the proper side back shroud can rotate to an angle, and lift left back covering and right back shroud, conveniently check the behaviour in commission of cutter shaft soldering member. The ATV flail mower has a very convenient, tail wheel connects mounting bracket by installing connecting plate, and tail wheel can also get replaced by roller, and roller can put down careless face it's whole, be conducive to the mowing of hay mover to figure and mobile, tail wheel and roller are often replaced at any time, when between tail wheel and roller one of them When being damaged, it are often changed directly, very convenient, universal good, cutter shaft soldering member is used to mow, cutter shaft soldering member. Outside includes Y type flail mower blades, and Y types blade is flail mower knife formula blade, and flail mower can run into barrier and recover in time, because it protects the knife.

Beckside Machinery are proud to stock the UK’s most comprehensive range of flail mowers for sale, which are subdivided into the following categories:

We have multiple models in each category to suit your specific requirements. All variants can be viewed from our Flail Mower page. Please call us on 01673 828 965 if you want any help.

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