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A type of PTO wood chipper


The present compact tractor attachments correlate to an apparatus and a approach for creating pieces of wood (wood chips) from wood. At this time, two methods are fundamentally distinct from each other and that also produce distinct products.

The first method described above correlates to a so-called direct pto wood chipper. In this device, rough uncut wood is fed into the channel. A cutter ring is given parallel to the radial axis of the wood. The cutter ring is given with a plurality of cutters on the outer periphery. These cutters extend so that their cutting edges are parallel to the cutter ring. The cutter ring is operable so that it can be cut into a block of raw wood and processed into a wood chip.

Still another configuration of the direct pto wood chipper (direct wood chipping device) belonging to the first method includes a disk that is rotatably supported. This disc holds a chipping cutter on one side of itself. Raw wood or tree trunks are fed into the working surfaces of these cutters in a state parallel to the fibers. Since the peripheral speed of each surface element is different depending on whether the surface element (Flaechenelement) is inside or outside in the radial direction, the finished wood chips will also be different, which will improve the quality. It will be damaged.

The above-mentioned apparatus belonging to the first method is used first to produce, first and foremost, the so-called Oriented Strang chips (streaked wood chips). In this case, the fiber of the wood chip extends in the longitudinal direction of the wood chip. This wood chip is extremely thin. This wood chip is used to produce the same type of board, the so-called OSB board. This plate is generally accepted as expensive. Since this board is extremely strong and strong, it can be used as a building material for prefabricated houses, for example.

The second method uses a so-called cutter ring type pto wood chipper. This pto wood chipper for sale (wood chipping device) includes a ring or an annular body composed of a plurality of cutters. In this case, the cutting edge of the cutter extends at least substantially parallel to the ring axis. The cutter ring surrounds a processing chamber in which a piece of wood (Hackschnitzel) is injected via the injection shaft at the radially inner part. This piece of wood is subjected to a centrifugal force by the rotor towards the inner surface of the cutter ring and thus towards the cutting edge of the cutter to be chipped radially outward.

The semi-finished material supplied to the pto wood chipper for sale UK consists of fairly small pieces or pieces of wood previously produced in the crushing process. Roughly speaking, these pieces of wood are at least as large as match boxes.

The wood chips that can be made using this cutter-ring type pto wood chipper are fundamentally different from the OS (Oriented Strand) chips produced with the first mentioned category of devices operating with the first mentioned method. Is different. These wood chips are generally pin-shaped, reminiscent of thin matchsticks. These wood chips can simply be processed into dry fiberboard. However, dry fiberboard has a limit in strength, and in particular, does not have much bending strength. Therefore, the dry fiberboard is not used as a building material, but is used in the furniture industry instead.

The method described at the outset, ie the advantages and disadvantages of direct pto wood chippers for producing OS chips, and the steps for producing the final products of wood chips for wood chips and dry fiberboards are prefaced. The advantages and disadvantages of the following method can be summarized as follows:

Direct pto wood chippers generally require new timber, for example a 1 m trunk. Direct pto wood chippers can certainly produce expensive OS chips, however, this device has relatively large dimensions due to the massive size of the semi-finished material. This device is therefore very expensive to buy. As a result, the device is rather less flexible to use.

Pto wood chippers are much smaller, more flexible, and less expensive to purchase. However, this device cannot produce OSB chips, and instead can only produce inexpensive matched wood chips for dry fiberboard.

Problems to be solved by the compact tractor attachments

The present compact tractor attachments can use not only so-called new wood, but also recycled wood as a semi-finished material, the assembly volume is considerably smaller than the conventional direct pto wood chipper, and thus it costs less investment costs, In addition, it is an object to provide a approach and apparatus that can be used flexibly and is basically suitable for manufacturing an OSB chip.

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