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ATV Flail Mower or ATV Brush Mower?

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Brush Mower or Lawn Mower?

We want to start by explaining the difference between a pull behind brush mower and a lawnmower. A lawnmower is intended to cut grass. I know what you're thinking, "Well?" It's more deep-rooted than that, though. A lawnmower deck is organised toward the elemental task of cutting grass. The engineers concerned know that occasionally, you're going to get into material that is thicker than your standard lawn, but if you've ever had your mower deck clog up with grass, you'll know exactly what I mean. If a few grass cuttings can cause a mower blade to stop rotating, it isn't intended to cut rough, overgrown tracks. As a safety characteristic, the blade of a lawnmower only takes so much kick-back force before the thing stops spinning.

An ATV brush mower is much more robust in design. The device is meant to force a cutting blade through material much thicker than a blade of grass and not stop. In fact, most ATV brush mowers can take down a sapling up to three-inches thick. The motors are the same, power-wise, as a pull-behind finishing mower, but the transmission, bearings and spindles on an ATV brush hog are all far more studdily built than a grass mower.

Why you may consider a Pull Behind Brush Mower...

This is kind of a simple thing to answer. Hunters are continually looking at ways to secure food plots or improve habitat. One of the best ways to do so is to clear the land before ploughing it under and reseeding it. This is where an ATV brush mower comes in. It is more dependable than using a chemical option as it keeps that material out of the soil, and it assists in creating a natural base for new plant growth. And it's isn't simply hunters looking at this; its anyone watching to make the environment better for wildlife, farm animals, or even just appealing to use.

An ATV makes the ideal platform for using one of these types of ATV attachments, as an ATV in the controls of anyone experienced can go wherever you'd ever need to cut brush. You've presumably seen a brush hog being used behind compact tractors. Well, your Polari ATV or UTV can go wherever a compact tractor can, and a lot of places it can't. Plus, if you don't have a small tractor, they aren't cheap.

Or you may decide on an ATV Flail Mower...

If a brush mower isn't precisely what you need, a better option may be an ATV flail mower. The two are often confused with each other, but they have some design variations worth noting.

Where a brush mower primarily operates like a more substantial lawnmower with a rotary blade(s), a flail mower for sale has Y- or T- shaped blades that attached to a rotating spindle. The main benefit of these flails (vs. blades) is that they will ricochet off of a solid object (like a massive rock) and not be destroyed. They are also good at preventing dust and the cut material is handled under the flail mower longer than with a brush mower, so it is more wholly shredded and diffused across the full width of the flail mower.

An ATV tow behind flail mower is particularly useful when dispensing with areas that are overgrown with plants and other types of vegetation – stuff which tends to get caught up in a brush mower.

Beckside Machinery are proud to stock the UK’s most comprehensive range of flail mowers for sale, which are subdivided into the following categories:

We have multiple models in each category to suit your specific requirements. All variants can be viewed from our Flail Mower page. Please call us on 01673 828 965 if you want any help.

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