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ATV Flail Mowers: The Ultimate Land Maintenance Solution

As a farmer or landowner, you understand the importance of maintaining your land's appearance and functionality. One of the essential tools for land maintenance is the ATV flail mower. This versatile machine makes light work of grass, shrubs, and other vegetation, keeping your land clean and tidy. ATV flail mowers are designed to tackle all types of terrain, making them the perfect choice for farmers and landowners.

What is an ATV Flail Mower?

An ATV flail mower is a three-point hitch attachment that fits on the back of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or quad bike. The machine works by using a series of blades, or "hammers," to cut and mulch grass and shrubs. The blades are attached to a shaft that rotates at high speeds, which allows the machine to cut through thick vegetation with ease. ATV flail mowers are highly efficient, making them an investment worth making for any landowner.

Versatility and Applications

ATV flail mowers are ideal for cutting through thick vegetation in various terrains, including rough, overgrown areas that are inaccessible to other machines. Their versatility makes them ideal for use in various settings, including:

  • Pastures and paddocks

  • Sports fields

  • Parks and recreational areas

  • Road verges and embankments

  • Orchards and vineyards

  • Wildlife habitats

ATV flail mowers are a great alternative to other machines, such as standard lawnmowers. Unlike lawnmowers, they can handle rough terrain and thick vegetation with ease. They are also more efficient and cost-effective as they require less manual effort and work quicker than other machines. Additionally, ATV flail mowers do not throw debris, which is ideal for maintaining public spaces and wildlife habitats.

FarmMaster ATV Flail Mowers from Beckside Machinery

Beckside Machinery is a renowned company that specializes in producing high-quality and durable farm machinery. Among its inventory is the FarmMaster ATV flail mower, which features a robust design and cutting-edge technology, making it an excellent choice for farmers and landowners.

The FarmMaster ATV flail mower is known for its cutting height adjustability. The machine comes with a built-in ratchet that allows you to adjust the cutting height from 3cm-13cm (1.18in- 5.12in) with ease. This feature makes it easy to cut practically anything on your land.

Another advantage of the FarmMaster ATV flail mower is its flotation tires, which ensure stability on rough and uneven terrains. The machine's wheels can be repositioned to sit behind the flail mower, making it easy to mow close to boundaries such as hedges. Moreover, the machine's flexible wheel setup with three different wheel positions guarantees easy maneuvering on rugged terrains.

The FarmMaster ATV flail mower is ideal for kerbside grass cutting, thanks to its anti-scalp rear roller. The roller allows the wheel to hang over the kerb-edge, making it easy to cut grass without difficulty. Furthermore, the machine is adjustable, enabling the offset of the mower from directly behind the vehicle towards the left side of the vehicle.


The FarmMaster ATV flail mower comes in two models:

Model ATV-120

  • Cutting Width: 1200mm

  • No. of Hammer blades: 28pcs

  • Weight: 230KGS

  • B&S Engine Power: 13HP

Model ATV-150

  • Cutting Width: 1500mm

  • No. of Hammer blades: 32pcs

  • Weight: 310KGS

  • B&S Engine Power: 13HP

Both models are fitted with a robust Briggs & Stratton (B&S) engine, providing enough power to cut through thick vegetation and rough terrain.


FarmMaster ATV flail mowers from Beckside Machinery offer farmers and landowners the convenience and efficiency they require for land maintenance. The machine's adjustability, sturdy design, and innovative features make it stand out in the market. So if you're looking for a versatile and durable ATV flail mower, the FarmMaster ATV flail mowers from Beckside Machinery might be the solution you need.

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