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In order to service their 200 acres of land and assist with any tasks, Bourne Hill Stables uses a fleet of Polaris Rangers, the ultimate workhorse fit to service their 200 acres.

With the completion of a major redevelopment of Bourne Hill Stables grounds during the last six years, Jane and Roland have helped make Bourne Hill Stables one of the most exclusive and prestigious equestrian developments in the country.

The RDS Arena's outdoor natural turf show jumping area will run alongside the 25 turnout paddocks and ebb and flow sand arenas within the horse estate. This will be the third of its kind to be built worldwide, and will use the same 13000 M3 natural turf profile as the one used at Hickstead and the RDS Arena. There is a high importance placed on soil in this project, using 4,000 tonnes of Landscape20 topsoil instead of sand to promote natural nutrient retention, surface stability and moisture retention. Through the installation of a bypass drainage system that connects the surface to the gravel raft below, the arena is able to be used at any time of year.

Using this cutting-edge technology, Bourne Hill Stables chose the Polaris Ranger for sale as it is a vehicle that is light enough to navigate the arena without damaging the ground below, whilst the Versatrac Turf Mode allows access to the rear differential to avoid damaging the grass beneath.

Following many years of using UTVs, Jane and Roland discovered the off-road capabilities and build quality of the Polaris Ranger back in 2012 and haven't looked back since.

Having owned over 10 Polaris Rangers over the last 10 years, we've found out they're one of our most versatile tools for managing this very busy stable environment. In addition to being reliable and durable, they also do not get stuck. The turf mode is a game-changer. In other words, we can literally walk anywhere on this 200-acre property without damaging it. Those features, plus two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive on demand, keep the Ranger from getting stuck. It's not a problem to reach our horses from the furthest, muddiest corners of a field." - Roland Standley

There are all kinds of things that can be done with a Polaris Ranger, including feeding the horses and foals in fields, checking fencing, driving clients around, and just general estate maintenance. Moreover, Bourne Hill Stables fitted a tow bar on the back of their trailer so that the trailer could be used with different accessories, such as a sprayer for spraying weeds, or a paddock harrow for a finer finish to the soil.

“We are able to drive all of our Polaris on the road due to their road registration. Having a full-cab means we can use them year-round without worrying about the weather. We get a lot of guests here, so we use the Rangers to get them to the stables and anywhere else they need to go". - Roland Standley

Two new Polaris Ranger Diesel Deluxe vehicles have been delivered to Bourne Hill Stables by their Polaris dealer Turf Machinery Engineering - complete with a full cab (roof, rear panel, windshield, doors), aluminium wheels, and LED headlights. A heater is in the cabin, as well as plush seats, upgraded storage, and a noise reduction system. The company has also placed an order for two petrol Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Nordic Pro vehicles.

"Maintaining land and equine environments never takes a day off, which is why the Rangers are so great. Rain or shine, we use them day in and day out, and they have never failed us." - Roland Standley

Beckside Machinery is an official Polaris UK dealer. Please contact us for more information about the Polaris Ranger for sale UK.information about the Polaris Ranger for sale UK please contact us.

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