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Branson Tractors 00 Series

Branson Tractors UK intended their compact tractors with rugged, dependability in mind. The 00 Series compact tractor is robust enough for any job around the farm or home. Emphasizing a 24 HP diesel engine and the option of a mechanical transmission or hydrostatic transmission, the 00 Series is a talented and powerful compact tractor. Branson Tractors are created with quality in mind Kukje Manufacturing of South Korea, a master in the field of agricultural equipment with above fifty years expertise. So, you can rest assured in acknowledging you’re getting high quality made Branson compact tractors.

Low Profile compact tractors

The 00 Series compact tractors are just 88” tall at the height of the roll bar with 13” of ground clearance. This tractor is very manoeuvrable in tight spaces.

Hydrostatic Steering

One hydraulic pump is devoted to the steering of the 00 Series tractor guaranteeing fingertip control no matter how hard the tractor loader and rear 3-point hitch is being worked. Steering pump output 3.6 GPM.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance on 00 Series Branson Tractors is simpler than ever with its detachable radiator screen and easy access engine section.


One-piece metal hood elevated by dual gas struts secured with a positive lock. Powder coat finish blocks UV damage to the paint, producing longevity to the look of the tractor. Steel, unlike fibreglass or plastic, will not fracture in cold climates

Heavy Metal, Heavy Duty

Cast Iron rear protection, transmission and front axle are built-to-last. That’s because ductile cast iron is the most powerful and best housing built, making this compact tractor one of the best available.


Standard on the 00 Series compact tractors is a foldable roll-over protecting structure (ROPS). This shield the operator and the structure also folds so you can put it in just about any garage.

Clean Power

Branson builds the 2400 engine. It matches and exceeds all EPA Tier 4 regulations. They work clean and quiet and do not need a DPF Filter, DOC, or SCR to deliver this.


1. Wider Operators Seat

2. Range Shift

3. 4-Wheel Drive Engagement Lever

4. Hydrostatic or

4B. 6-Speed Manual Transmission

5. Hydrostatic Steering

6. 3-Speed PTO Engagement Lever

7. Grab Bars for Easy On and Off

8. Differential Lock Lever

9. Recessed grease fitting with pin boss

10. BH100 Backhoe Attachment

11. Cab Options Available

12. Mid-Mount PTO

  • 2200 / 2500 / 2900 / 3100 : 6F/2R Manual transmission which has 6 forward and 2 reverse gears.

  • 2500h / 2900h / 3100h : 2 ranges hydrostatic transmission option is simple to use - even for inexperienced drivers.

  • Completely designed robust Transmissions offers better fuel effectiveness and performance.

  • 650kg rear hitch lift capability (Standard CAT1 3 Point Hitch ) provides all the lifting energy for basic work.

High back and wide seat provide excellent comfort to the operator.

3 cylinder diesel engine delivers the highest power in class with outstanding durability and reliability.

  • 2 speed autonomous PTO is regular equipment which allows the driver to switch to 540 or 960 rpm to operate implements more efficiently with higher fuel efficiency and Mid PTO for mid mower harmony.

  • Equips foldable Rear or Middle ROPS for driver safety and convenient storage.

  • Long-lasting powder-covered metal tilting hood & rear fender.

  • Standard differential lock and 4WD add adhesion on tough terrain.


  • Finished with two hydraulic pumps: One for the hydrostatic steering and another for the remainder of the hydraulics. - Standard differential lock and 4WD add full traction on rough terrain.

  • Roll-over protective construction meeting major standard specifications such as SAE and EEC.

  • Air cylinder bonnet gives better visibility for drivers

  • Rear remote device for implements demanding hydraulic power.

  • Differential lock enhances traction on a slippery surface.

  • Durable powder-coated steel bonnet & rear steel bumper

  • Hydrostatic steering is fitted as standard

  • True flat deck

  • Hydrostatic power pedals for smooth hands-free ahead reverse motion – HST models.

  • 4WD is regular with an easy shift lever.

  • Easy to use PTO arrives standard with 2 speed rear and 1 speed mid.

  • Easy visibility of the dashboard provides easy monitoring of the compact tractor’s performance.

  • High ground clearance is exceptional for protecting the driving surface.

  • Hydrostatic control pedals for continuous hands-free forward & reverse motion – HST models

  • Powerful lift capability for more versatility.

To view our complete range of Branson Tractors UK, including the superb Branson Tractors 00 series please click on the link text.

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