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Branson Tractors UK F Series

The Branson Tractors UK F Series is a convenient and appropriate compact tractor for the smallholder.


Branson Tractors F-series offers a valuable level of power, intuitive user-friendliness and all-wheel drive convenience in a compact tractor package.

  • The Branson Tractors F series features dual hydraulic pumps: hydrostatic steering has its own pump, the front end loader runs faster and smoother. It is safer for the driver as there is no loss of steering control when to run both workload and steering functions.

  • The eco-friendly engine is an original Branson tractors UK build. It is fully Tier 4 certified and has a rating of 2600 RPM operation.

  • The compact tractor is quiet and has low fuel consumption.

  • The Branson Tractors "long stroke" design delivers maximum torque at lower operating speeds than many other compact tractors.

  • The transmission implements 12 speeds forward and 12 speeds in reverse.

  • Independent 540 rpm PTO is a standard feature on Branson's F Series Tractors.

  • They also come standard equipped with 540E PTO.

  • Branson Tractors UK front axles are all 4 wheel drive and are designed with a dual power direction, hydrostatic, steering cylinder.

  • Branson tractors do not use a steering drag link. This is a major advantage for tight 47 degree turns and low steering effort.

  • The Branson F series has a strong and balanced 3-point hitch.

  • Steering is stable and easy, while all other hydraulic demands can operate at their own performance requirement all at the same time.

1. A 1 3 cylinder diesel engine produces the highest power in class with outstanding durability and reliability.

2. A comfortable air-cushioned seat increases work efficiency and productivity.

3. PTO operation: Electric Hydraulic Independent or clutch linked.

4. 4WD is standard with the easy shift lever.

5. Heavy-duty driveline transmission and axle for long working life.

6. The Category I hitch has a lift capacity of 1,500kg at the ball end and 1,100kg measured 610mm behind the ball ends.


  • Telescoping adjustable hitch stabilizers are featured equipment.

  • These Branson compact tractors sport and uncomparable 1,500 kg rear hitch lift capacity to provide all the lifting power you require.

  • Powder-coated steel for a long-lasting finish.

  • The bonnet and rear fender are steel.

  • High-quality suspension seat for superior comfort

  • Easy maintenance access via a gas strut to pop up the hood.

  • Quality aluminium RadiatorFoldable ROPS for secure storage

  • Innovative bonnet design for effective exhaust emissions from the engine.

  • Hydrostatic steering is fitted as standard3 point linkage makes it easy to add compact tractor attachments.

  • The Branson Tractors F series has a sturdy 4WD front axle for steep terrain and compact tractor loader work.

Beckside Machinery is an official supplier of Branson Tractors UK. For more information, please click here or call us 01673 828 965.

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