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Branson Tractors UK models In Stock

Branson Tractors are invented, engineered, and manufactured exclusively by the Branson Tractor Company. Because the entire compact tractor has been masterminded in house, all elements of their tractors work in harmony.

"You will see, hear and feel the difference when you drive a Branson."

ENGINE: Branson Tractors UK uses their own tried and tested eco-friendly Branson engines. All of their engines are now Tier 4/CARB /Stage IIIB certified. They are also quiet in action and very fuel-efficient. Their 'long-stroke' design provides maximum torque at lower engine speeds than many of our competitors.

TRANSMISSION: The travel speed gears on the 25, F and K series Branson Tractors are all fully synchronised so there is no grinding when changing gears while moving. Branson's dash-mounted control lever provides smooth and efficient shift between forward and reverse gears - great when you are in a tight spot or doing loader work.

FRONT AXLE: All of Branson's tractors UK are four-wheel drive and utilise Branson Tractors own axles. They completely use hydraulic steering cylinders and don't use drag links on any of their compact tractors for sale. This gives effective steering angles of up to 55 degrees while reducing steering efforts, maximising tyre life and giving very responsive steering throughout loader work.

3-POINT LINKAGE: Not all linkages are identical! All Branson tractors highlight a strong and balanced linkage, with impressive lifting capabilities. Their linkages are telescopic and movable, and hitch stabilisers are fitted as standard on 25, F and K series machines. Look and see - you will be impressed with the Branson tractors UK build quality!

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Hydraulic oil is the living blood of any compact tractor. Their dual-pump design gives more than enough flow to control both the steering system and any other tasks you are working on. All Branson Tractors UK come pre-fitted with various hydraulic couplings. Versatility is standard - it's how hydraulics should be!

Branson's 25, F and K series compact tractors all have independent electro-hydraulic PTO engagement so that you don't need to use the clutch.

CABS: High spec, factory fitted cabs are possible on most of Branson tractors UK models. The ergonomic design of the controls combined with the automotive styling furnishes a quality look and ease of the use to rival any of our opponents. The hardy and sensible choice of materials will ensure that form and function will be in harmony for many years to come.

Compact Tractor Attachments: Changing compact tractor attachments on a Branson Tractor is swift and easy. Remove the pins, release the hydraulic pressure from the standard non-drip, quick release couplings and you are all set to go!

Here's a quick rundown on the Horse Power (HP) of each of their compact tractors:

  • Branson Tractor Series HP

  • Branson K Series 65 ~ 74hp

  • Branson 25C Series 35 ~ 55hp

  • Branson 25R Series 35 ~ 55hp

  • Branson F Series35 ~ 40hp

  • Branson 00 Series 21 ~ 30hp

In future blogs, we will examine each of the Branson Tractors UK models in more detail. For now, if you are looking for the excellent Branson Tractors prices or Branson tractor packages, then contact us on 01673 828 965 today.

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