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Buying the best tyres and wheels for your ATV

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Getting and choosing the right tyres and wheel for your ATV is a big decision. Not only do you want to make sure you get the most suitable ones for you, but you also want to ensure that you’re getting value for money.

When purchasing ATV wheels, our ATV tyres buying guide below outlines everything you need to know.

Do you need new ATV wheels?

There are two reasons you might need new ATV wheels.

You want them. You want to change the look, handle, and functionality of your ATV.

And you need them because your current wheels and tyres no longer function as they should.

In each instance, keeping up with regular maintenance schedules is key.

Checking that tyres and wheels are fit for a purpose helps to keep you safe when riding, but also helps tyres and wheels last longer. You need to regularly check for cracks, rust, and damage to the rims – the last thing you need is to be stranded somewhere due to a faulty wheel.

Things to specifically check: Wheel offset – need to check if this is too stiff or too loose, as it can alter the handling of your ATV

Wheel bolt patterns – will determine the type of new wheels which will be suitable for your ATV

Wheel size – your used ATV wheels will already have numbers on to tell you their size, and the diameter of the wheel should match up with the inside diameter of the tyre. Ideally, an ATV wheel should last between four to five years -again, depending on how well you look after them.

Wheels will need replacing when:

  • They have unsecured axle nuts

  • The handle of the ATV is off

  • The tyre is damaged beyond repair.

Your wheels and tyres need to fit perfectly

For the best and safest quad riding experience, your wheel and tyre should fit together perfectly.

For example, for non-extreme riding conditions, all-terrain wheels are ideal. Providing a suitable all-round general grip.

All-terrain wheels also mean you don’t have to change your tyres for every different occasion or terrain, and the range now available is fantastic! It’s important to find the best wheel suitable for the type of terrain you’ll be riding across.

Taking into consideration how heavy you brake, accelerate, etc., as heavy footing, for example, does cause more wear and tear.

Wheel kits to get you moving

ATV tyre and wheel combination kits help to improve the overall look and performance of the ATV.

Typically, combination kits like this will come in wheel sizes of 12” and 14”.

However, which one you choose will depend on how you use the ATV, as well as how much you want to spend.

12” are the most common size wheel kits, and you’ll find a much larger variety of tread types and styles in the 12” size. They’re usually less expensive too.

Ultimately, if you’re happy with the overall performance of your ATV and you simply want to upgrade from the stock wheels and tyres, then the 12” is a great choice.

They don’t cause clearance issues and very rarely cause problems with handling. At Beckside Machinery, we often think of the 12” wheels as a no-hassle modification.

However, if you are trailing over rougher terrain, and mud and jumps are more your things than the 14” tyres are a perfect choice.

Note: When choosing the 14” tyres and wheels, you MUST check the clearance to ensure you have this available, checking the steering and suspension before jumping straight on.

It’s also important to be aware that 14” wheels can reduce your ATVs overall stability when taking those hard corners, and they will require more energy when accelerating and braking.

Most suitable rims

Aluminium is the most commonly purchased rim as they’re not only strong but extremely reliable.

Steel is another option, which is heavy, but less expensive, as it costs less to manufacture.

Magnesium rims are the lightest of them all.

If you’ve recently bought a used quad bike and you’re looking to personalise your ATV, a new set of rims can be a great way to achieve this.

Choosing the right wheels for your riding style, terrain, and ATV can help to save you money, save on maintenance, keep you safe, and ultimately offer you the best riding experience.

Beckside Machinery has a range of new and used ATVs for sale, as well as a variety of accessories to suit.

Call us on 01673 828 965 and see how we can help you.

Reference video: Dirt Trax TV

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