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Canines and a polaris ranger

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

What do canines and Polaris Rangers have in common? They are both man’s best mate!

Meet Andrew McIntire, a private breeder and trainer of black Labradors located in Northumberland. For Andrew, living with his dogs isn’t just a job; they’re his whole life.

Having beforehand worked on a dairy farm for 20+ years, Andrew enjoys the farm life. Now, he doesn’t operate on a farm but still resides on one and continues his breeding business from there. With 1,200 acres to appreciate at his doorstep, it’s the ideal setting to get out and about with his black labs for their everyday training routine, plus it provides lots of scope for a new litter of puppies each year.

Two and a half years past, at just 53 years old, Andrew experienced a stroke and lost movement in one of his arms and legs. It determined that he could no longer walk the distance needed to get about with the dogs or enjoy the country life like he did. It was at that period that his wife, Pam, proposed he try out a Polaris ATV.

“Originally, I said I don’t know. I didn’t know how much I’d use it, or indeed if it would be suitable for the farm. But in the end, Pam assured me, and we went down to our closest Polaris UK dealer. We bought our first Polaris Ranger for sale that year in 2018, and I haven’t glanced back since.

“Ere the stroke, I used to be very hands-on when it came to things like cars and appliances. The Polaris Dealers has been brilliant though – they’ve arranged all sorts for me to make sure my Polaris Ranger is running right and got all the required equipment to get me going. I’ve got a full cab furnished so I can take the dogs out in any climate, plus some additional lights fitted for wintertime so I can spot them in the fields”.

Possessing the Polairs Ranger 570 on the farm signifies that Andrew can still succeed with breeding and training the black labs by enabling him to stay mobile. Labradors are known for their warm and lively temperament, and they need a lot of activity, so Andrew lets them choose whether they spring in the back of the Polairs Ranger 570 in the cargo bed, or whether all run alongside him while he rides to the various places around the farm and allows them to travel. There are woodland areas dotted around the farm, as well as a few streams – much to the dogs’ happiness – and having the Polaris Ranger diesel means Andrew can reach it all, no matter the climate or region… and it doesn’t matter how dirty the dogs get either.

“I use the Polaris Ranger UK every single day. It’s an unbelievable machine and for me, it’s genuinely been a lifesaver. No way could I arrange what I do without it, and the dogs adore it too!”

If you are looking for a Polaris ATV UK, visit Beckside Machinery, official Polaris Dealers UK.

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