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Compact Tractor Comparison: Kubota V John Deere V Branson 35HP

Recently, we came across a video on YouTube called "Dare To Compare," which put the Branson 3520H head to head with a John Deere 38E and a Kubota L3901. The Branson 3520H is a 35 horsepower tractor that's capable of lifting a round bale with ease. Take a look at the video and see how the Branson Compact Tractor lifts a hay bail quickly.

This compact tractor for sale has a heavy-duty steel frame that's built to maximise the efficiency of any task and produce the best work capacity pound for pound of any tractor for sale.

As you'll see in this video, Branson Tractors rival the best green and orange tractors on the market. The Branson 3530H comes with the hydrostatic transmission with a simple to use forward and reverse pedal.

To get a general idea of the quality of each tractor, they started by looking at the ride quality of each tractor under a load to see how they performed in a real-world setting, so they filled each of the tractor loaders buckets with gravel and set them off around their course.

The first front loader tractor that they tested was the Kubota Tractor, which seemed to perform reasonably well at first glance. Up next was the John Deere with loader. To watch this was quite alarming, as the rear tractor wheels continually lifted high of the ground, and the whole machine looked like it was going to tip over!. Finally, they tested the Branson with a front loader. This looked sturdy and solid all of the ways around.

Afterwards, the driver was asked his thoughts on how all three of the tractors performed. He said they all seemed to achieve the same when they tested them together without a load. However, once they put the gravel in and went out in the pasture, he could tell the difference before and after he said that it was "like night and day". He commented that John Deere didn't handle the situation well at all, and he felt that it was very unsafe. In response, the cameraman said that he'd also noticed how the wheel had popped off the ground several times during filming, whereas that never really happened with either the Kubota or the Branson. When the driver was asked his thoughts, he replied that the Branson weights quite a bit more than the John Deere, and the Kubota also weights a little bit more than the Deere too. He said that this came into play with the load and the uneven surfaces because the Branson had better traction due to the added weight. He said that both the Kubota and especially the Branson had better traction than the John Deere because of their weight.

The driver was then asked for his thoughts on how the Kubota drove compared to the Branson, and he said that they were similar in the way that they drove. Still, the Branson made it feel so much more stable when going with a load, as it weighed about fifty per cent more than the Kubota so that you would experience better handling when driving over bumps and divets, etc. He also pointed out that the Branson has a broader wheelbase than either tractor, which makes a big difference when going over bumps and negotiating tight turns. Also, the Branson has a full suspension seat, which makes the ride feel smoother compared to the Kubota that only has partial suspension. Finally, he added that Branson drove a lot smoother, even with a load on it.

Overall, he was asked to rate the tractors' ride quality and overall performance with a load. Immediately, he replied that the Branson was the best, followed by the Kubota and then the John Deere. He mentioned that they were all excellent and acceptable tractors, but if you need a heavy-duty tractor, he will go straight for the Branson as it gives people a lot more capability for the money you are spending.

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