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Compact tractor design contest '2023 FUTURE CUP' award ceremony held by TYM Tractors

TYM Tractors unveils its visionary agricultural machinery concept, drawing on 120 years of expertise and the innovative ideas of Generation Z and millennials.

The '2023 TYM FUTURE CUP' compact tractor design contest, held recently with great success, showcased the future of agriculture. This year's competition centred around the theme 'Design Your Attractor,' aiming to explore captivating and forward-thinking visions of mobility. Building on the triumph of last year's inaugural event, which focused on "The Future Agriculture You Imagine and TYM's Next-Generation Tractors," this year's contest attracted talented designers from diverse backgrounds, both nationally and internationally.

Entries were evaluated by a panel of internal and external experts, considering criteria such as originality, aesthetics, relevance to the theme, and overall execution. The judging process resulted in the selection of one Grand Prize winner, one Best Prize winner, two Excellence Prize winners, and five Encouragement Prize winners. In addition to receiving a total of 11.5 million won in prize money, the winners were also granted special incentives, including an experiential internship opportunity.

Jeong-gyu Lim, the recipient of the Grand Prize, was recognized for his exceptional participation. Lim proposed the concept of 'TIMO,' a compact tractor that addresses concerns about the decreasing agricultural population by featuring a detachable body. Inspired by the need for digitization and smart technology in agriculture, Lim designed an unmanned tractor with self-driving capabilities and a separate front body and main body, ensuring ease of operation for anyone.

TYM's approach involves incorporating the innovative designs generated by the creative minds of Generation Z and millennials into the development of groundbreaking products. The company plans to continue collaborating with the imaginative younger generation, fostering idea exchange, and presenting cutting-edge product technology and designs that pave the way for the future.

Grand Prize winner Jeong-gyu Lim expressed his gratitude for the meaningful opportunity the contest provided to reconsider next-generation agriculture and agricultural machinery. He conveyed his ambition to explore practical designs and present numerous ideas that can bring benefits to the public.

Chairman Hiyong Kim emphasized the significance of this competition in combining the perspectives and creative ideas of the next generation of visionary individuals. He stressed TYM's commitment to remaining at the forefront of digital agriculture by continually discovering and exchanging ideas from diverse domestic and international industries, thereby establishing a new paradigm for next-generation agriculture.

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