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Compact Tractor Uses

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Compact tractors are just that, compact. Offering a whole host of benefits, it’s about finding the right compact tractor to suit your requirements that’s important.

Compact tractors ultimately offer you versatility, while still being more than capable of getting the job done, allowing for much more efficiency and ease of use due to their size.

It’s not just the compact tractor for sale which you need consider, but it’s also the attachments and accessories required to carry out the different tasks, that you need to think about.

Beckside Machinery caters for a range of needs, specialising in used compact tractors and their attachments.

But when it comes down to it…

…what can a compact tractor be used for?

Let us fill you in.

1. Landscaping

When it comes to landscape gardening, you will find compact tractors being used for both commercial and residential work. Due to their slim size, they’re able to fit into most spaces making them ideal for manoeuvring.

Landscaping work does give you the option of two main attachments to use on a compact tractor - the loader and the backhoe. Ultimately, with both attachments fitted you can let the tractor do the heavy lifting for you!

Ideal for driveways, garden landscaping, maintenance of farmland, building sites, etc. You can also use box blade attachments, or across construction sites what we find extremely popular is the pallet forks – making light work of a necessary task.