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considering a compact tractor hedge cutter for sale?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

If you're considering purchasing a compact tractor hedge cutter for sale then you ought to check-out the FarmMaster tractor mounted hedge cutter range by Beckside Machinery.

In this video we show how versatile the FarmMaster Finger Bar compact tractor hedge cutter by showing you how easy it is to top a font hedge, lets say in front of your home or garden.

The FarmMaster Finger Bar Trimer has a 2.5 m reach which is fully adjustable via the remote control which can be simply mounted in the cabin or near the driver. The sturdy crane arm is fully adjustable and the mower can be placed with the mower head on the ground, above the operator, with added precision angle, lift, reach, slew and rotor controls.

To discover more about our FarmMaster Finger Bar Trimmer HFSC1300 compact tractor hedge cutter for sale, please click here.

Ideally, hedge cutting should occur towards the winter. That's because the plants will continue to be dormant and not produce buds.

We have added a new range of FarmMaster compact tractor attachments. The FarmMaster compact tractor hedge cutter group are available here.

Since its August then it’s an ideal month to start planning any hedge cutting, and that always begins with the purchasing the right equipment.

All of out FarmMaster tractor mounted hedge cutter series have as standard a minimum hedge cutter 2.5 m reach which is fully controllable through the remote control.

Additionally, they clip tidily, are very safe to work and no assembly is needed.

For different varieties of compact tractor hedge cutter for sale, please click the link.

For other compact tractor attachments please click this link.

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