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Contractor or Compact Tractor Hedge Cutter?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Shapely hedges may improve the attractiveness of your garden, while overgrown hedges may destroy its character. Just like trees, hedges present an exceptional level of privacy to your garden, and they can look fabulous! But regrettably, they grow way too quickly, and before long, they will start getting out of control. So, should you hire a contractor to cut your hedges or is it worth looking at a compact tractor hedge trimmer for sale?

Firstly, it's a good idea to decide upon how much hedge you require cutting. Take a look at the hourly price that a contractor charges for their hedge-cutting services. Sometimes, contractors charge as little as £18/hour. However, some people's opinion is that if someone's charging under £25 per hour for hedge trimming then you apparently need to keep an eye on them and make sure that they are doing a decent job. Some people think at if the contractors hourly rate is good then even if they had the time that they would get a contractor to do the work and leave their tractor parked alone. However, what's the fun in that?

If you have the time, a compact tractor and the desire, then DIY might well be the best decision for you. One of the main benefits being you can go out and cut to the hedge to your standard and whenever it's convenient with you. I also wouldn't imagine that a hedge-cutter would depreciate at a rate of knots either. A compact tractor hedge cutter is a great investment and its value doesn't quickly depreciate over time either.

Tractor hedge cutting done to your standards

Many people are interested in not simply buying a compact tractor hedge cutter to save money, but to get the job done as and when they want and to their standards. For example, one man preferred to cut his hedges in the shape of an A because it gives good shelter and is brilliant for game birds and other animals. He purchased his own tractor hedge cutter after the hassle that he had with contractors trying to get them to cut the hedge to his requirements.

So, whether you decide upon using a contractor or doing going ahead and buying a tractor hedge cutter really depends on whether you'll savour the satisfaction of looking at your nice neat hedges more than what you could save by paying your contractor to keep doing them. You should pick up a good enough machine for 3 - 4k.

There's some very good deals on new compact tractor hedge cutters out there, and you can get something with lots of reach and cutting power to do the work nowadays. A tractor hedge cutter 2.5 m reach is preferred for many jobs. As for doing the job yourself, it's no different to anything you learn ,practice makes perfect. Start with a fairly easy hedge and make sure that it's located away from the road. Use plenty of revs and make sure that you move in a slow forward speed. You can always go over it more than once and trim a bit at a time until you get your technique right.

If you invest in a compact tractor hedge trimmer you'll find that with a bit of practice that they aren't too hard to use. They are great for all sorts of jobs including fencing jobs where you can cur the hedge right back without waiting for a contractor.

Where do I find a decent compact tractor hedge cutter for sale?

There are a number of companies that sell a decent compact tractor hedge cutter. It's recommended that you purchase from a reputable company who specialise in compact tractor attachments for sale such as Beckside Machinery, for example. This is recommended not only for quality, but for service, maintenance and aftercare as the right tractor hedge cutter should easily last you a decade or more and provide much satisfaction for someone who has the time and wants the satisfaction of shaping their hedges to perfection.

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