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At Rushmere Country Park, an electric Polaris Ranger lends a hand at the beautiful 400-acre park.

Rushmere Country Park is near Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire and is operated by The Greensand Trust, an independent environmental charity dedicated to conserving the Greensand Ridge and its wildlife. A not-for-profit organization, Rushmere welcomes visitors for walks, cycling, horseback riding, or just to enjoy a cup of coffee and marvel at the wildlife.

The park has over 400 acres of woodland, heathland, and meadows open to the public, so maintaining them is vital - and that's no easy task. Two Polaris Ranger EVs were purchased by Greensand Trust last year to assist with this; one is based at Rushmere Country Park, while the other is at nearby Ampthill Great Park.

Designed to protect the environment, the Electric Polaris Ranger EV is an ideal off-road vehicle for the task at hand.

"We were so impressed with their ability off road, and they're an ideal match for our green philosophy of renewable energy and reducing emissions."

Rushmere Country Park's Head Ranger, Dan Doyle

In addition to daily monitoring of the parks and transporting materials in the load bed for path/track repairs, the EV has a powerful electric engine, a 226kg box capacity, 26.6cm of ground clearance, and maintains smooth and quiet operation around the site so as not to disturb wildlife or visitors.

They work well for a day's work because the battery lasts well through the vast park without the need to recharge."

Rushmere Country Park's Head Ranger, Dan Doyle

It works with local communities and landowners to improve access, understanding, and enjoyment of the Greensand Ridge and wider area while conserving and enhancing the distinctive landscape, wildlife, and history.

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