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F50R Branson Compact Tractor & Tractor Loader: A Detailed Review

The F-Series Branson Tractor is a formidable player in the realm of compact tractors for sale. Priced at £19,995.00, the F50R model stands out with its powerful 47HP 4-cylinder Stage V engine, delivering robust performance for a variety of tasks. This tractor is not just about power; it's about smart, intuitive operations, especially with its selectable four-wheel-drive feature.

Branson F50 compact tractor with loader

Key Specifications and Features

  • Power and Engine: The tractor boasts a 47HP 4-cylinder Stage V engine.

  • Platform: Equipped with ROPS (Roll-Over Protection Structure).

  • Hydraulic Services: Comes with an auxiliary double-acting hydraulic service.

  • PTO Speeds: Offers 540/750 PTO speeds.

  • Lifting Capacity: Exceptional with a 1500kg rear hitch lift capacity.

  • Design Enhancements: Features cranked lift arms and adjustable hitch stabilizers as standard.

Utility and Performance

The F50R is designed for those who need a combination of power and versatility. Its impressive lifting capacity is a standout feature, ensuring that it can handle heavy loads with ease. This makes it ideal for a range of agricultural and landscaping tasks.

The BL15 Tractor Loader: Enhancing the F50R

Transforming the F50R into a potent front loader tractor is the BL15 Tractor Loader. This addition significantly expands the tractor's capabilities, turning it into a more versatile and productive machine.

BL15 Product Details

  • Lift Type: The loader features a level lift arm.

  • Hitch Type: Comes with a Euro 8 hitch type.

  • Standard Bucket: Includes a 1.55m bucket.

  • Lift Capacity: Can lift up to 1602Kg at ground level and 948Kg at maximum height.

  • Detachable Design: Easily detachable with its own integral stand for storage.

Versatility and Efficiency

The BL15 Loader, specifically designed for the Branson F50 compact tractors, enhances the tractor's functionality. The level lift arm and the significant lift capacities at ground level and maximum height make it highly efficient for various loading and lifting tasks. The quick hitch type bucket hitch is an added advantage for quick and easy attachment changes.

Conclusion: A Compact Powerhouse

The F50R Branson Compact Tractor, especially when combined with the BL15 Tractor Loader, represents a significant investment in both performance and versatility. It is an ideal choice for those looking for a compact but powerful tractor, suitable for a wide range of tasks. With its robust engine, high lift capacity, and adaptable loader, it stands out as a top choice among tractors for sale and is particularly appealing for users in the UK market looking for compact tractors for sale UK.

Considering its features and capabilities, the F50R, priced at £19,995.00, offers great value for its class. Whether it's for farming, landscaping, or general property maintenance, this tractor, coupled with the BL15 loader, is designed to deliver performance and efficiency.

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