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FarmMaster ATV Flail Mowers: A Comprehensive Guide

ATV flail mower

FarmMaster is a leading brand in the world of ATV flail mowers, offering powerful and efficient solutions for maintaining your land. The company's range of ATV flail mowers is designed to cater to the needs of various users, from small-scale gardeners to large-scale farmers. In this article, we will dive deep into the features, specifications, and benefits of FarmMaster ATV flail mowers, and discuss why they are the perfect choice for those looking to buy an ATV mower.

What are ATV Flail Mowers?

ATV flail mowers are specialized mowing machines that attach to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or quad bikes. These mowers are designed to cut through thick vegetation, tall grass, and even small saplings with ease. They are particularly useful for maintaining large areas of land, such as fields, orchards, and woodland trails.

FarmMaster ATV Flail Mower Models

FarmMaster offers two popular models of ATV flail mowers – the ATV-120 and ATV-150. Both models come with a range of features and specifications that make them ideal for various mowing tasks.

FarmMaster ATV Flail Mower ATV-120

The ATV-120 model is designed for cutting a wide range of vegetation, thanks to its easily adjustable cut height ranging from 3cm to 13cm (1.18 inches to 5.12 inches). The mower's flotation tyres ensure stability, while the flexible wheel setup allows for three different wheel positions. This feature enables the mower to be positioned close to boundaries like hedges.

The anti-scalp rear roller and the ability to adjust the offset of the mower make it easy to cut kerbside grass without any difficulty. The ATV-120 comes with a powerful 13HP B&S engine, ensuring efficient performance.

FarmMaster ATV Flail Mower ATV-150

The ATV-150 model offers similar features to the ATV-120 but with a larger cutting width of 1500mm. This model is ideal for those who need to cover more ground in less time. With 32 hammer blades and a weight of 310KGS, the ATV-150 is designed to tackle even the most challenging mowing tasks.

Why Choose FarmMaster ATV Flail Mowers?

There are several reasons why FarmMaster ATV flail mowers are the top choice for those looking to purchase an ATV mower:

  1. Versatility: FarmMaster ATV flail mowers can handle a wide range of vegetation, making them suitable for various terrains and applications.

  2. Ease of use: The adjustable cut height, flexible wheel setup, and anti-scalp rear roller make it easy to operate and maneuver the mower, even in challenging conditions.

  3. Durability: FarmMaster ATV flail mowers are built to withstand heavy use and harsh environments, ensuring a long-lasting investment.

  4. Efficiency: The powerful engines and large cutting widths of FarmMaster ATV flail mowers ensure efficient and quick mowing, saving you time and effort.

If you're in the market for an ATV flail mower, consider FarmMaster's range of high-quality, reliable, and efficient ATV flail mowers for sale. These ATV mowers are designed to meet the demands of various users and offer excellent value for money. Visit Beckside Machinery at to explore their selection of ATV flail mowers and find the perfect model for your needs.

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