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The Flail Mower is a rotary mower or a power-driven compact tractor attachment that cuts grass and different vegetation by whipping it with rapidly whirling blades.

Characteristics of Flail Mowers

- Flail Mowers are a variety of mower that utilises swinging blades on the front, back, or both. Flail mowers can also be found on compact tractors or tracked vehicles for reaping cereal crops, brush cutting and some other kinds of grasses.

- These models of flail mowers for sale can be used for different agricultural and horticultural tasks, including haymaking, harvesting cereals and removing vegetation around the grower's estate.

- The flail mower is a less costly alternative to other types of reaping tractor implements found on farms because it has no engine and needs very little maintenance.

- It works in a couple of directions, so it's possible to cut grass in lines from either side of the small tractor without needing to stop and turn.

- The flail mower also has the advantage of using rotary mowers as it can mow in more than one direction. They can also be used to weeding, pruning, and clearing brush and cutting other crops if the user wants to raise a particular crop from seeds or cuttings.

- These tractor attachments use rotating blades to cut grass, which will often have two or three parallel rows of blades.

- The blades are petite so they can quickly move through the grass without too much impedance.

- This style of mower is available in different wheeled or tracked versions for other uses.

- The flail mower will often have a trim, hardy engine, or be mounted on a micro tractor or tracked vehicle that can power the machine.

- Flail Mowers are usually much more inexpensive than other types of reaping machines.

- It usually takes less time to cut grass with a flail mower because the blades run in two directions and can be used from either side of the machine without stopping to turn.

- The flail mower is also more suitable for weeding, pruning and removing brush since it can use more than one direction. It also has the edge over rotary mowers because it is available in different wheeled or tracked versions for other purposes.


The flail mower is a less pricey alternative to other types of reaping compact tractor attachments for sale found on farms. It doesn't require an engine and can be used for weeding, pruning, clearing brush and chopping other crops if the user desires to raise a specific crop from seeds or cuttings.

Beckside Machinery are tractor dealers and tractor traders who specialise in compact tractor attachments for sale. We have a wide variety of compact tractor flail mowers including heavy-duty flail mowers, hydraulic side-shift flail mowers, fail collectors, and flail hedge trimmers. If you want advise on what type of tractor attachment for sale is best suited to your requirements, please call us on 01673828965.

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