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French Bike Park Drives Change With Polaris Ranger

With the introduction of Ranger Stories: Driving Change, Polaris Off-Road vehicles continues its Ranger Stories video series in a different light.

According to Polaris UK, a product is made alive by the applications, the partnerships, but most importantly by the people who use it, which is why our goal is to make sure that each product is unique and effective. The Polaris RX has once again travelled across Europe, the Middle East and Africa in an attempt to discover how its customers are driving change alongside Polaris RANGERs for sale. We at Polaris have been inspired to create Ranger Stories: Driving Change was inspired by the many Polaris customers who are working hard to make a positive impact on the world.

Lac Blanc Bike Park in Alsace, France - Episode 2

Lac Blanc has been a popular ski resort for over 50 years, welcoming skiers and snowboarders from around the globe. Although the snow had cleared during the summer, hikers were left to explore the natural surroundings of Lac Blanc after the snow had cleared. In 2007, Lac Blanc opened its quad Bike Park to take advantage of the quiet summer months and attract a new audience.

The popularity of downhill mountain biking is growing rapidly - offering riders a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled challenge in a beautiful natural environment - so it's no surprise that Lac Blanc Bike Park is now as busy in the summer as it is in the winter.

There are nine different routes to choose from in this bike park that are carved out of the mountains of Alsace, France. The routes range in difficulty and technicality from easy to very difficult. The Lac Blanc Bike Park welcomes riders of all skill levels, from families with young children to serious World Cup competitors who train on the black line.

Taking part in the ‘Driving Change’ spinoff series, Polaris joins the Lac Blanc Bike Park Site Development Director, Michael Barthelme, for a look at how Polaris Rangers can be used to manage a resort of such size, balancing trail maintenance, rider safety and the extreme terrain that comes with the mountainous setting.

As well as snaking through 170 acres of land, Lac Blanc's trails also weave in and out of forests and traverse steep gradients at times. It is true that the riders and their bikes can navigate the site due to the chair lift, but the safety team must be able to access all areas of the site - every trail, every tree, every corner - so that every inch of the trail can be cleaned and any injured riders can be reached.

This Ranger XP 1000 is not only designed to provide the Lac Blanc team with the power and stability needed to tackle these gradients quickly, but also comes equipped with on-demand all-wheel drive, meaning that the vehicle automatically engages all four wheels when the vehicle needs more traction.

In situations where there has been an accident involving a rider, the team is able to navigate tight trails within the forest thanks to the Ranger's tight turning radius and 33cm ground clearance to traverse over rocks and tree roots. There is enough room for three people in the cab in case there is a need to transport the rider to a safer or more comfortable location, whilst the 27.9 cm front and rear suspension travel ensures the ride is as smooth as possible. If you need to carry a mountain bike along with the rider, the 454kg cargo bed capacity is easily able to accommodate it, along with the safety team's essential equipment such as medical bags and maintenance tools, if a mountain bike has to be transported with the rider.

There is no shortage of uses for the Ranger XP 1000 in the winter months as well; once the Lac Blanc Bike Park closes for the season, Lac Blanc Ski Resort opens up; and Ranger XP 1000s are in high demand in those months as well. During the snowy season, the Ranger becomes the ultimate snow vehicle as the tyres are replaced with snow tracks and the tyre tracks are used to service the ski resort.

Lac Blanc Bike Park also chose to add additional accessories to its Ranger XP 1000 for an added feeling of comfort and convenience, including a full cab kit, including a windshield, rear panel, doors, and roof, as well as an in-cab heater to deal with extreme temperatures in winter. In addition to the LED light bar there is also a winch that can help to move fallen trees when daylight hours are reduced or to help with steep hill climbs, and not to forget the Polaris Lock&Ride tip-down headache rack that is mounted to the cargo bed in order to transport their equipment securely.


We have been pioneering product breakthroughs and enriching experiences and services since we were founded in 1954, as the global leader in powersports. In addition to Polaris RANGER®, RZR® and GENERALTM off-road vehicles, Polaris Sportsman® all-terrain quad bikes, including kids quads, military and commercial off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, and Indian Motorcycle® midsize and heavyweight motorcycles, Slingshot® motorcycle roadsters, Aixam quadricycles, Goupil electric vehicles, and pontoons and deck boats, such as Bennington pontoons, are among the company's high-quality products. Several parts, garments, and accessories are available from Polaris to enhance the riding experience. Polaris, headquartered in Minnesota, serves more than 100 countries worldwide, including Polaris UK, which distributes Polaris ATVs and Polaris UTVs for sale in the United Kingdom.

Polaris Ranger for sale UK is available from Beckside Machinery.

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