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Grass toppers vs. mowers – which is best?

At Beckside machinery, we often receive enquiries about our range of mowers and grass toppers for sale, with customers enquiring about the different blade sizes, ease of fitting, suitability for their specific fields, and more.

Of course, there's a difference between mower and topper attachments, and depending on the cut you require, and what you want the overall finish to look like, will all factor into your decision making as to which attachment will be best for you.

Grass toppers vs. mowers – which is best?

In this post, we look at the key differences between toppers and flails, how they both operate and the finished look they both can achieve.

Differences between tractor toppers and finishing mowers

Grass toppers primarily have two blades, which rotate in a smooth action cutting the grass as it moves over the top.

Toppers are perfect for paddocks or in areas where the pasture is slightly rougher as a grass topper does just that, it stays on the top, slicing through brambles and avoiding tangles.

If the area isn't too rough and covered with large debris or stones, then a grass topper can offer a closer cut than a flail mower.

Cuts with a topper tend to be longer, however, and unlike flails, the cuttings are often left in rows rather than scattered across the pasture.

Alternatively, to grass toppers, are finishing mowers.  This type of mower uses three blades, with each blade rotating separately.  This type of mower is great for large grassed areas on farms, or sports pitches and large garden estates. 

However, finishing mowers can also be used on well-maintained paddocks or pastures that have indeed been topped. 

These types of mowers provide the user with a very fine cut, as well as the ability to cut close to the ground.

Then there are flail mowers.

Flail mower blades are also an option if you're looking for an attachment to cut through anything from light grass to small saplings.

The hammer blades used in these attachments are heavy-duty, rotating, and spinning in order to create the flail motion.  This type of mower is ideal on rougher areas of grass, where cuttings are mulched into smaller pieces and spread across the field or area you're working on.

Benefits of grass toppers

Some of the main highlights when looking for a grass topper for sale include:

Toppers are good if you don't mind the cuttings being long!

Grass toppers do a great job!  Especially flail toppers.  These toppers are easy to height adjust to achieve the cut you require, and they can help shred the grass without leaving long strands lying in the fields.

Toppers are less expensive than flails, and if you keep on top of the pasture, a topper can be the most effective option and do a great job!

Tractor toppers are perfect for really long grass – an area of which a flail just can't handle!

Grass toppers leave a nice finish.

Toppers ultimately handle well.

Toppers aren't as cumbersome to service and maintain compared to their flail counterparts.

Some grass toppers can be tractor mounted or suitable for quads.

Circular type toppers help to keep paddocks looking great and help to encourage healthy growth.

If you're looking for an attachment or piece of equipment that will help you keep on top of things around the farm or estate, and that is cost-effective and easy to set up and use, then a topper is your best option.

There are several areas and factors to think about when making the right choice, and ultimately depending on your requirements will depend on what attachment is best for you. 

However, the experienced and knowledgeable team at Beckside Machinery is always on hand to help answer your questions and provide as much information about our attachments and equipment as possible.

We have a range of tractors, tractor equipment, and attachments available, with all items fully serviced and checked by ourselves before they leave to get to work.

To find out more and to see how we can help you today, call 01673 828 965

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