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Hedge Cutting With A Compact Tractor

There are various compact tractor hedge cutters for sale. In this article, we'll take a look at several options by FarmMaster, a brand that's rapidly establishing itself as the go-to brand in the UK market.

We'll start with the FarmMaster FSC1600, which is a premium quality hedge trimmer. This model is straightforward to use as it will easily cut both sides of the compact tractor without mechanical alternation. It has a large, 1.6-metre cutting head that can easily cut through branches up to 2cm in thickness. The reach on the FSC1600 is an impressive 4.6 metres, which makes it ideal for cutting up high. In addition, this model is lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, plus it's compact and easy to store away in between September to March.

Another option, if you're looking for a multipurpose compact tractor attachment that you can use all year round, is the FarmMaster HHFL flail hedge cutter series. Available with either a 0.8 or 1-metre cutting head, these versatile implements double as a flail mower and a hedge cutter, making them perfect for cutting ditches, roadsides and embankments. These hedge fails are simple to operate via a remote control mounted near the tractor driver. The remote has precision controls, so you can adjust the angle and lift of the flail head to suit your requirements, whether that's on the ground or above the driver.

In reality, whether you chose one or the other of these offerings really depends on what you require, and what's most important to you. A tractor mounted hedge cutter will always allow for a more precise finish that a tractor hedge flail, however with the flail it can be also used to tidy grass and scrub, with the benefit of having a multipurpse attachment that you can use all year round. It all depends on you.

In terms of compact tractors, you need to make sure that you have the right horsepower to run any of the above machinery. The HHFL-800, 0.8 metre hedge cutter requires 20-50 HP, whereas the larger HHFL-1000 requires a larger tractor of 28-50 HP to operate properly. The FSC-1600 hedge trimmer needs to be fitted to a 20-50 HP compact.

As the minimum power requirement is 20 HP, this would rule out using this machinery with many sub compact tractors, which usually come at below 20 HP. However, sub compacts at 20HP will run an HHFL-800 or FSC1600.

For more options in terms of tractor hedge cutters, or to see various options on flail mowers for sale, UK stock, please contact us.

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