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Hedge trimmers offering you greater reach

Hedge trimmers come in a range of different types, shapes, and sizes, suitable for a variety of public highway jobs carried out by the agriculture and ground maintenance sectors.

What should you look for in a good hedge trimmer?

Of course, the answer will be dependent on what you require, the equipment you already have, and the job you’re planning on tackling.

Hedge trimmers offering you greater reach

This is important because different hedge cutters provide different cuts and different options. 

For example, those classified within the flagship ranges (models such as the Wessex T500G and TPE600 in particular) offer a great reach of 4.85m and 5.96m, respectively.  These two models also have a working width head of 1.2m and allow for much more accurate manoeuvring due to their cable controls or the EP-Tronic central stick.

Flagship tractor hedge cutters let you ultimately carry out all agricultural and groundwork maintenance projects with ease and great efficiency.

Moving to the more mid-range tractor mounted hedge trimmers, the TA380D and the TA430D models offer a cutting reach of 3.84m and 4.33m.

Both of these Wessex cutters also offer you a choice of Bootie flails or Y-pattern, with a breakaway mechanical device.

Again, used in agricultural and ground management settings, these mid-range options offer maximum resistance to torsion stress on the arms, and the hydraulic oil tank is designed to help reduce overall weight.

However, if you’re in the market for smaller, more compact hedge trimmers, those featuring a 0.9m cutting head will be the perfect solution.  Much more lightweight, offering maximum user comfort, these compact hedge trimmers can help provide you with an even cut and reduce projectiles being thrown out while you’re working.

Wessex tractor mounted hedge cutters

For those compact tractors operating at 15hp and above, the Wessex BRM range is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a piece of equipment that can help you with trimming bushes, hedges, small trees, and pruning and maintaining edges.

There are three models within the BRM range with each featuring cable or joystick controls.

BRM 120 – suitable for compact tractors operating between 15hp and 40hp.  The minimum weight must be 500kg and feature a reversible frame, independent distributor, and three hydraulic movements.  The cutter bar size on this model reaches 120cm with the weight of the cutter standing at 180kg. The BRM 120 can also prune branches up to 2cm thick.  A great all-round piece of equipment.

BRM 150 – suitable for compact tractors operating between 25hp and 50hp.  The cutter bar size on the 150 model reaches 150cm.

BRM 200 – suitable for compact tractors operating between 30hp and 60hp.  The cutter bar size in this model reaches 200cm.

The 150 and the 200 BRM models come with reversible frames, three hydraulic movements, and an independent distributor.  The flexible cables and more help ensure a fixed cutting angle is set and achieved on both sides of the tractor during use.

These models can also prune hedges and trees up to 3cm; however, they must have tractor weights of between 600kg and 700kg.

Whichever, BRM model you opt for, you have some great choices to help keep your hedges and bushes neat and tidy all year round.

These can also be the most cost-effective option, especially if the larger tractor mounted hedge cutters aren’t required.

Cordless and petrol hedge trimmers

Then we move to complete flexibility when we look at the range of cordless hedge trimmers – of that; there are a lot!

Primarily designed for gardens and large estates to offer complete flexibility while trimming and styling hedgerows and bushes.  Cordless hedge cutters mean there is no cable to tangle things up or keep you restricted to one area, and these pieces of equipment are often much lighter in comparison to petrol hedge cutters, which can be quite cumbersome at times.

However, petrol hedge trimmers are ideal when a cordless trimmer is just not enough for the job at hand.  Petrol hedge cutters don’t lose power and don’t need to be charged before use so that you can get started asap.

Compact tractor hedge cutters

Hedge trimmers are vital for maintaining those overgrown hedges and boundaries around farmland and across large grounds and even golf courses and estates.

These areas must be kept on top of at all times through agricultural and groundworks, not just, so they look presentable and aesthetically pleasing, but also so they don’t cause any obstruction to traffic or pedestrians on the roadside or rural walkways.

Compact tractor hedge cutters offer adjustable steel rollers, tractor stabilisers (to help maintain the rigidity on the tractor), and a cutter bar can be used, making it suitable and ideal for public footpaths.

If you’re looking for a hedge cutter to help you to get down to business, contact the team at

Beckside Machinery today.  We can talk you through all makes and models we currently have available and the best ones to help you get the job done.

Call 01673 828 965

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