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Highway Tractor Hedge Cutter

The upkeep workman will often prune trees, as everyone knows, any operation of being administered on highway all may be a danger close, comprise pruning nursing to greenbelt trees or lawn, be artificial pruning at the present , tens kilometers a minimum of in each maintenance district, kilometers up to 100 at the most , operation is dangerous big to not the utmost, and labour intensity is additionally very big, and requires a special-purpose compact tractor attachment in this field.

The purpose of a tractor hedge cutter provides a sort of straightforward in structure, operating efficiency is high, safety good, can reduce the compact tractor hedge cutter of labor strength significantly.

Task of this tractor hedge cutter realizes that within the following manner a compact tractor is given rotary working platform, drive motors is about on the rotary working platform is connected with fixed gear ring on being arranged on the Kioti tractor, or Branson Tractors chassis by gear drive. Rotary working platform is given alternator assembly and dealing rack, Working rack top is fixed with telescope support, the top of telescope support is given pruning shear head assembly and pruning shear head assembly turning device, the flexible of telescopic arm realizes that by telescopic arm screw drive motor-driven screw rod Working rack is adjusted the cutting range of the elevation angle control pruning shear of telescopic arm by the flexible stretching valve rocker support of screw drive motor-driven screw rod. Alternator assembly gives electric energy for each motor. When pruning tree, prune the cutter head horizontal operation, prune cutter head when pruning trunk and vertically work, automobile chassis walking and hedge be maintained fixed for instance , realize hedge neat pruning of embarking on journey. When completing trees chest measurement pruning operation, the rotation rotary table are going to be pruned tractor hedge cutter head and be became plumbness, side near the greenbelt trees, the top of adjusting telescopic arm makes the pruning compact tractor cutter head extend the space that trees are going to be pruned part, automobile just can travel near before curb one side direction of highway like this, and scissors will leave the tree trimming of greenbelt neat vertical plane. The pruning operation of greenbelt hedge height is that the pruning cutter head is adjusted to the horizontal operation state, and telescopic arm is adjusted to the peak of pruning regulation, and automobile travels near before curb one side direction of highway, and therefore the part that scissors will surpass treetop height automatically cuts flat.

Good effect of these compact tractor attachments for sale, motorization degree height, and work efficiency height, safety are good, tree trimming quality height, the trees of the greenbelt after the pruning are that level is seen a line, vertically see a belt, as smart as a replacement pin. Work efficiency is artificial quite 100 times, and therefore the greenbelt after the pruning is uniform, and effect is extremely good.

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