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How Much Does a New Tractor Cost?

Tractors have long been an indispensable piece of machinery on the farm. They transformed the agricultural industry by figuring a whole new level of performance. Today, tractors are also used in building, landscaping and industrial environments. Buying new tractors for sale involve significant investments, but it's one you won't have to perform often. A well-maintained tractor possesses a lifespan of 20 to 30 years, despite daily use. If you're handling the tractor less frequently, it could serve decades longer.

About New Tractors

There are hundreds of tractors of which to pick, from compact tractors to heavy-duty tractors for sale with more than 300 horsepower. Once you select a tractor, you'll also have to decide among a wide assortment of features and options. The broad majority of tractors for sale are four-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive compact tractors offer more reliable traction than two-wheel-drive compact tractors for sale, and they're a requirement if you're planning to use compact tractor attachments such as front loaders. Two-wheel drive tractors are only favoured if you'll be driving at road speeds.

New compact tractors for sale, UK, can be bough for as little as £7995 for 19HP 1905H Branson Tractors, and go up to £37, 318 for a 74HP K78 Branson Tractor fitted with a loader. Of course, it depends on the horsepower, and additional tractor implements you require. Kioti Tractor UK starts their new small tractors for sale at £11,496 for the 22HP CS2220, and go upto £24,995 with the 60HP DK6010.

Some tractors have included cabs; others don't. A compact tractor with an included cab comes at a higher price but gives greater comfort to the driver and shelter from elements like sun, wind, rain and snow. Tractors with cabs also have more high-priced resale values. However, cabs are far less common on compact tractors.

However, some compact tractors for sale do have them, such as the Kioti tractor DK6010, starting at a very reasonable £24,000 and Branson Tractors, including 6225C Branson tractors, starting at a similar £23, 495, and K78 Branson Tractors, starting at £31, 563.

If you are after a secondhand tractor, you can pick up a 3520 John Deere compact tractor for sale fitted with a cab for as little as £13,995. If you want to add compact are looking for a front loader tractor, we have available, a 3720 John Deere compact tractor fitted with a tractor loader for £16,995, or a Kubota compact tractor with loader for £20,995. Of course, with used compact tractors for sale, the stock changes rapidly, so be sure to check out our latest deals on a loader tractor for sale.

Compact tractor attachments

Depending on what you need to use the compact tractor for, we can supply you with any of the attachments you require, from flail mowers, compact tractor backhoe loaders, stone buriers, compact tractor rotovators, compact tractor power sweepers, compact tractor power harrows, or a tractor hedge trimmer. A ball-park figure for tractor attachments is usually between around £800-£4500, depending upon which tractor implement you need. Significant savings can be made when you purchase these with the tractor as a compact tractor package deal, or they may be added at a later time to suit your job schedule and budget.

At Beckside Machinery, we are happy to hear from you if you want to discuss your needs. We can offer advice on what size of tractor would suit your requirements, and the best sort of tractor attachments to fit to the tractor. As experience tractor dealers, we stock a large supply of both new and secondhand tractors to chose from, and can work out a decent tractor package deal if you want to include some tractor attachments at the time of purchase. To speak with us, please call us on 01673 828965.

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