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How much does a tractor cost?

Whether you are a professional farmer working on a large farm or a tractor enthusiast, you probably need a high-quality tractor. However, buying a tractor for sale is a significant investment worth a thousand pounds.

There is an eclectic range of top-notch tractors in the market for agricultural professionals. If you are scooting around for the best tractors in the market, various considerations come into play that may impact the features and the cost of your tractor. Scroll down to find out more about the cost of tractors.

Factors Affecting the Cost of the Tractor

Before we dig into the cost of your tractor that fits your budget and operational requirements, it is vital to consider some important factors. Take a look at the following factors that impact the cost of the tractors for sale, UK.


Horsepower is probably the most crucial factor while determining the cost of your tractor. It measures your engine's power and will also help you analyze how your tractor can deal with difficult and heavy-duty jobs on the farm. You will see a tractor featuring higher horsepower with commercial farming applications.

Tractor Size:

A tractor's physical size and weight is another important factor that determines the price of your tractor. The large size and heavy weight of the tractor renders greater friction, making a variety of tasks including earthmoving, backhoe work, and larger load moving tasks convenient to do. A smaller utility tractor which is perfect for mowing grass or minor garden and construction jobs sits at the low end of the price scale. In contrast, larger tractors like farm tractors used in commercial agricultural jobs and moving heavy loads come at a higher cost.


Tractors are also categorized on the basis of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive tractors. On the price scale, two-wheel drive tractors are much lower in costs than the four-wheel drive. However, choosing between these two categories primarily depends on the application of your tractor. Two-wheel tractors work well in dry and flat road surfaces while four-wheel tractors are well-suited on rough terrains. Moreover, you can also use these tractors with multiple loader attachments, backhoe attachments and implements.


There are numerous brands and manufacturers in the market, providing a range of features and price. Massey Ferguson, Kubota and John Deere tractors ar popular tractor choices. However, these tractors are extremely expensive. But if you are looking for brands that provide you with equal and all the useful features, you should consider Kioti and Branson tractors. Both the brands provide a great experience, service and high-end performance at a competitive price. The price of the tractors also depends on the market demand and tractor dealers.

Top-Selling Compact Tractor Brands

Take a look at the top compact tractors for sale from Branson and Kioti brands:

Kioti CX Series

The Kioti CX series incorporates power, comfort and flexibility in all its models. All the models of these series help farmers and professionals accomplish larger jobs in the farm. They also provide a functional and ergonomically designed workspace to all its users.

Other standard specs of the CX series include a high-quality water-cooled diesel engine that comes with a horsepower of 24.5 HP. The tractors also provide high ground clearance and 3-point linkage. Besides this, these tractors also feature a joystick for front loader and standard Mid PTO and Rear PTO.

In sum, all these features make the tractors convenient to use and operate. Another perk for all the users has to be the tractors' lower weight which means they are not going to place any adverse impact on your land.

Kioti CS Series

Kioti brand comes with a variety of functional and efficient sub-compact tractors in its latest and innovative CS series. These tractors bring various features on the table that satisfy the requirements of every farmer. The tractor comes with a 3-cylinder diesel engine which is economical, powerful and fuel efficient. The engine also complies with all the STAGE V emission guidelines. Other standard features of the tractor include its horsepower which ranges from 21-25 HP. As a user, you can also choose between manual and hydrostatic transmission as per your requirements and preference. However, both transmission options are highly manoeuvrable.

Kioti CS tractors also feature twin HST pedals that enable rapid forward and reverse operation. Additionally, specs like cruise controls, driver platforms and power steering makes the tractor easy to control. All these specs make the tractor highly efficient and functional.

Branson 00 Series

If you are looking for a high-quality tractor which is exclusively designed for robust transmission, greater fuel efficiency and a high-end performance. The series provides manual and hydrostatic transmission. You can easily shift manual transmission with constant mesh. While hydrostatic transmission can be conveniently controlled by foot or hands. The series also renders loader operation for inexperienced users. In addition to this, 05 series has a 650 kg rear hitch capacity which gives you all the useful lifting power you need to tackle your basic farming jobs.

Branson 05 Series

Branson tractor UK introduces its highly functional, reliable and budget-friendly 05 series that can satisfy all your basic farming requirements. The series features a horsepower of 19 HP and comes with a hydrostatic transmission power. It renders a lifting capacity of around 499 kg. The series also adds to its versatility and functionality by adding a front-end loader and mid-mount mower. Whether you are a hobbyist or need a tractor for simple tasks, 05 series brings the most perfect tractors.


In sum, various factors affect the final cost of the tractor, including brand, horsepower, and other features. It is essential to bear in mind that buying a new tractor is a capital investment. Therefore, it is important to understand these factors to get the best value of your tractor.

Sorting out the best type of tractor can be difficult but Kioti and Branson tractors unpack a myriad of features at a reasonable cost. These brands integrate incredible specs and features at the best value. If you're on a limited budget, you might also consider a second-hand tractor.

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