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How to use a Backhoe with a Compact Tractor

In this video, we look at using a tractor backhoe with a Branson 1905 compact tractor. The model is a BH90 backhoe tractor implements, and there are a couple of things that you need to do before you start using the backhoe. First of all, you need to start the compact tractor and if it has a front loader, make sure that the loader bucket is nicely on the ground because that creates a leverage point for the backhoe to work against.

The second thing to do is put the two backhoe feet on the ground. Branson 1905 tractors are set up with a spin around the seat. You then need to remove a couple of the locks. There are two locks on the tractor: a lock to protect the sleuth and safety for the dipper. These locks comprise removable pins, and both have storage holes where they fit into while the backhoe is in use.

The seat has forwards and backwards adjustments. You need to pull the seat slightly forward and then use the adjustment at the rear to lift the seat up, and then use the side adjuster, and you can spin the seat around so that it faces the back of the tractor and the backhoe. Because we have already set the feet on the ground, this creates a sturdy base for you to step onto the tractor with built-in footsteps safely.

Once you are seated, the machine is now ready to move. First, you want to set the legs on the backhoe so that there’s some weight in the legs, but not too much that it lifts the compact tractor off the ground. You do this to give it some stability, and then you can start using the compact tractor backhoe attachment, using the standard backhoe controls. First, the left stick slews the backhoe arm and left and right, then the left-hand one operates the bucket left and right and the dipper arm backwards and forwards.

The backhoe is plugged directly into the tractor, so if you adjust the revs of the tractor, you will see, using the bucket as an example, that you can move it slower or faster depending upon the revs of the tractor. Once you get used to the basics of movement, you can use the levels simultaneously, which gives you tremendous versatility for picking up, moving, and digging with the backhoe attachment., along with a much smoother operation of the backhoe. With a bit of practice, it becomes pretty easy to use. You can see in the video how to reach wise, and it’s easy to stretch the arm out.

We give an example of how easy it is to dig a trench in the video. By manipulating the length of the digging arm, and when you need to move the compact tractor forward, how quick it is to lift the backhoe legs, swivel the tractor seat and pull forward swiftly.

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