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ideas for modified log splitters for sale

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

McCormack exhibits a modified log splitter for sale highlighting a hydraulically controlled log elevator, a tractor mounted log splitter device stroke control rod, an alterable four-way splitting wedge and a generator mounting device all of which said features have been combined to, for a significant improvement upon a standard power driven wood splitter. The stroke control rod possesses an accompanying positioning pin and is connected to the head of the shaft of the machines wood splitting piston and held in situ along a track under the height of the wood splitting piston's housing but running parallel to the course of the shaft of the piston which forces logs along the track in which they are to be split. The McCormack device is only useful for fixed wedge, movable pusher block type splitters. The McCormack equipment would be exposed to dirt and irregular movements of the split wood on a portable PTO log splitter.

Hung, presents a horizontal hydraulic log splitter characterized with a length-adjustable area, at one end of which is fitted a fixed axe block, and at the opposite end a hydraulic pump section or a jack of a sort on the present market may be connected. By operating the pump unit, the wood contained on the bed will be forced toward the axe and split. This device is not only labor-saving and safe, but is also fitting for any size length of wood. Besides, the pump unit can be replaced with a jack for practical performance.

Chapman, reports an electric log splitter possessing a log splitter station located between a log holding plate and a hydraulic cylinder, both fixed upon an elongated frame. In use, the hydraulic cylinder, holding a reciprocating piston rod to which a log splitting wedge is fastened, pushes the wedge against a log placed in the splitting station. A pump secured to the frame provides pressurized hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic cylinder for action of the piston rod. A valve, in fluid connection with the pump, controls the flow of hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic cylinder. A knee pedal, placed adjacent the log splitting station and associatively joined with the valve, selectively commands the hydraulic system and the movement of the reciprocating piston rod. To decrease the amount of time required in splitting logs having a compact length, a stop device is provided for halting the progression of the piston rod prior to its full retraction into the cylinder.

Gregory, reports a force-delivering device such as a vertical log splitter wherein a pusher carried on a cylinder is pushed against a blade provided on a frame to which the piston is fastened. The cylinder is pushed relative to the piston utilizing a reciprocating plunger providing a cup on the end that pushes fluid past a one-way valve, ahead of the piston. Oil is pressurized by both the floor of the cup and its annular top but, when resistance is met to build up the pressure a release valve evacuates the annular chamber so that all the energy is concentrated in the area at the base of the cup. The whole actuating valve may be backed away to reduce pressure as desired or after the desired stroke. An alterable stop may be set following the length of the log so that the first part of the next hydraulic stroke isn't wasted in idle travel.

Hellstrom, maintains a log splitter possessing a power-driven ram that can, at the conclusion of its stroke, automatically change its direction of movement and reverse to its normal at rest condition. The ram has a principal high splitting speed with average splitting force and a second low velocity with high force. The log splitter's principal mover is automatically restricted to a low speed when the ram is at standstill, but full operating speed is preserved during the retracting portion of the cycle, thus reducing the overall cycle time.

What is required is a simple mechanical apparatus attachable to a variety of conventional log splitters to shorten the length of the return cycle from the normal run of 24 or 30 inches for a full return to a return distance the approximate size of the wood split.

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