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Introducing the Series 4 TYM tractors: your compact tractor solution

Change is the catalyst for growth, and at TYM, our recent integration with Branson tractors (Kukje Machinery) has ushered in an era of substantial positive transformation. This significant event has not only carved a new chapter in our history but has also broadened the TYM tractor lineup, offering an expanded range of tractors to clients worldwide.

You might be familiar with the comprehensive TYM tractor lineup, which extends from sub-compact to utility tractors. Now, allow us to present one of our most dependable and robust product lines: the Series 4 TYM tractors. Crafted as compact utility tractors, Series 4 tractors are your essential ally for even the most challenging tasks. These tractors are specifically engineered to manage a wide array of jobs, merging their compact design with extraordinary power to tackle everything from routine duties to heavy-duty operations.

T754 (N. America)

Get acquainted with the T754 tractor, renowned for setting the benchmark for compact utility tractors. This dynamic machine boasts the ideal blend of power and amenities required to execute your work with accuracy and speed.

The T754 is versatile across numerous applications. It can achieve speeds as low as 0.1 mph (0.2 kmph), making it effective in tasks like trenching where deeper cuts need to be achieved in fewer passes. Courtesy of its highly efficient, liquid-cooled 74 hp Deutz engine, it can accomplish more while emitting fewer harmful emissions. Coupled with a large capacity fuel tank, the T754 is prepared to take on even the most time-consuming, medium-to-heavy duty tasks.

But power isn’t the only area where the T754 excels. This exceptional tractor comes with power steering featuring a tilt function, allowing operators to adjust the steering position vertically to find their ideal ergonomic fit. The T754 prioritizes operator comfort by integrating modern amenities that enable you to stay focused on the task at hand. Step inside the luxury operator cabin, equipped with full AC and heating, and find all the primary controls conveniently positioned on the intuitive console. Want to learn more? Check out this YouTube video review to see how the TYM T754 tractor stacks up against competitors like John Deere.

K75E (S. Korea)

Introducing the K75E tractor, a prominent figure in South Korea's compact utility tractor market, known for its formidable power and having the longest wheelbase in its category. However, this impressive machine has much more to offer.

The K75E is powered by a 75 horsepower 3.4L turbo engine that meets the strict Stage-V emissions standards. With the largest capacity engine in its class, the K57E deftly handles any task in its path. The power shuttle lever, de-clutch button, electronic hydraulic hitch control, and an integrated automatic function button boost productivity, while six hydraulic ports each in the front and rear give the K75E superior lift and towing capabilities. The enhanced 3-point lift, boasting a 2375 kg capacity, provides endless opportunities to augment your work with a variety of attachments.

Besides its remarkable specifications, the K75E also offers a range of work conveniences. Front LED work lights brighten your work site, and external height controls for the rear implement afford you greater control. The luxurious cabin is the largest in its class and comes standard with AC and a heater. Supported by its substantial weight and extended wheelbase, this tractor demonstrates exceptional stability, unmatched performance, and highest comfort that surpasses other compact utility tractors on the market.

T76 (S. Korea)

Presenting the T76, the latest tractor that encapsulates TYM’s esteemed engineering and incorporates cutting-edge smart technology to transform the agricultural industry. As one of TYM's telematics-enabled smart tractors, the T76 seamlessly blends robust performance with a host of convenient features into one refined frame and design. The 75 ps (73.9 hp) Deutz engine delivers impressive power and torque, even at low RPMs, ensuring optimal productivity with enhanced longevity and reliability.

Even when you’re not actively operating the T76, you can use the remote diagnostics service to keep tabs on it. Install the MYTYM app on your mobile device, and check the location, work logs and status of your tractor in real time.

Equipped with a BOSCH electronic hydraulic control* system, the T76 offers effortless management of tractor attachments and hydraulic functions. Handling multiple attachments is a breeze, thanks to the two separate remotes for the top link, enabling all six external rear remotes for mounting a wide range of compatible attachments. Even when you're not actively operating the T76, you can leverage the remote diagnostics service to stay connected. Install the MYTYM app on your mobile device and monitor the tractor's real-time location, work logs, and status.

TYM Compact Tractors for Sale UK

In conclusion, if you're in the UK and seeking a reliable, powerful, and technologically advanced compact tractor, look no further than TYM tractors. As an official TYM Tractor UK dealer, Beckside Machinery is your go-to destination for these top-tier machines. Beyond selling the tractors themselves, Beckside also offers a range of compact tractor attachments, from Flail Mowers, Rotovators, Finishing mowers, Stone buriers, Hedge cutters, Tractor log splitters, to Power harrows, enabling you to customize your tractor to suit your specific needs. What's more, Beckside can create a bespoke tractor package tailored to your requirements, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Trust Beckside Machinery and TYM tractors for all your compact tractor needs in the UK.

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