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Kioti Tractor Rotavator

Behind the agricultural compact tractor, it is a general-purpose working machine equipped with various work tools like rotor work, manure spreading work, plow for plowing, plowing, seeding and binding machine.

With the recent decline and solidification of the agricultural population, the share of labor costs in production is an absolute trend.

In consideration of such circumstances, the multing cultivation coating work of the various tractor farming Branson tractors is given a rotor rotor and a plow for plowing, and a bit machine like fertilizer, manure spreader and vinyl coating machine is installed at the rear of the tractor. I'm doing it.

By the way, multi-cultivation vinyl uses black and transparent, black doesn't need to use herbicide because the weeds don't grow under the vinyl, but within the case of bulb crops it is necessary to increase the number of sunshine using transparent vinyl It helps to reinforce yield.

In the past, within the case of multing cultivation by transparent vinyl, , the vinyl coating compact tractor attachments are mounted on the rotor tractor of the agricultural tractor to perform the stopping operation and finish the vinyl coating work then spray the herbicide after lifting the vinyl again. it has been operated as a farming method that adds to the labor cost in an inefficient because of stop the grinding and vinyl coating after finishing the herbicide control before the plowing.

In the present invention, in consideration of the above points, while performing the grounding work to stop the soil within the compact tractor rotavator, the pesticide spraying, vinyl coating or seed sowing are often administered at the same time to reduce labor costs production costs of crops To lower.

Such a composite control device for a Kioti tractor rotavator bait should be easy to be detached and maintained by the user arbitrarily, and to be easily compatible with various control workers.

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