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Kubota Compact Tractor M6060 | Model Archive

The Kubota Compact Tractor M6060 DTH/DTHQ regular farm tractor has a fresh and modern 63.5 hp typical rail engine that mixes power and output and allows automatic adjustment of the engine speed to keep it steady whatever the load, for example, to maintain the travel speed, the PTO speed or the hydraulic flow.

M6060 compact tractors DTH/DTHQ are equipped with adjustable 18F/18R transmission in distinct stages and comprehensively implemented as standard with, for example, the power shuttle on the steering wheel to assure maximum manoeuvrability and versatility daily. These compact tractors for sale were easy to use, with their practical and comfortable user-friendly characteristics; these farm tractors, are licensable in the 3.5 tonne class.

Larger tractor implements can be run of these heavily powered machines, such as a heavy-duty flail mower, tractor hedge trimmer, power harrow, or tractor mounted log splitter.

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