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L-SERIES kubota tractors for sale uk

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We have a used Kutoba Tractor model L3200 for sale. This compact tractor for sale is in very good working condition. Please call us on 01673 838 965 to enquire, or click on the previous link to view the tractor for sale. We have more used compact tractors for sale here.


Kubota’s all-new L-Series standard tractors deliver more power and durability to manage more tasks with ease, producing high performance, outstanding durability, smoother operations and improved comfort. The latest L-Series not only performs but emphasises a revamped design with smooth, rounded profiles from front to back that also improved visibility so you can get the job done thoroughly and faster. Attach to that, Kubota’s new state-of-the-art front loader and backhoe simplifies even hard tasks. Work hard, but do it with comfort with the new L-Series tractors.

With more horsepower than ever previously, experience a higher level of performance.

Live Continuous-running PTO

The L3200 HST models and the L3800 gear-drive model include a live, continuous-running rear PTO for easier operation. The HST models also feature an over-running clutch on the PTO shaft to protect the transmission. Finally, a stationary PTO feature enables the use of various implements, such as pumps.

Hydrostatic Transmission

3-range Shift for Optimal Speed Selection

An in-line shifting pattern enables easy range

shifting from low to medium to high. The shift

is also conveniently located on the left side of

the operator’s seat for simple operation.

Cruise Control (Optional)

To keep your working speed constant, simply set the infinite, mechanical cruise control lever on either the L3200 or L3800. HST models to your desired speed—and go.

Gear Drive Transmission

Powerful and Versatile Means Getting the Job Done Faster. You’ll finish the big jobs easily with the mechanical shuttle transmission featuring inline shifting in the low and reverse ranges for faster direction changes. Moreover, the transmission offers 8 forward and 4 reverse speeds (8F/4R), enabling you to select the right speed for higher productivity.

The L3200 and L3800 tractors will drive Bevel Gear Front Axle

A superior feature that delivers an extremely tight turning radius with full power transfer to the wheels at every steering angle.

Wet-disc Brakes

Responsive and smooth, our long-life wet-disc brakes are immersed in oil, and require only the slightest foot pressure to activate.

Large Fuel Tank

An ample 38-litre fuel tank lets you fill up with more fuel so you can operate longer.

Smooth Power Steering

To reduce fatigue, 4-wheel drive models come

equipped with a smooth, easy-turn, integral

power steering.

The L-Series gives you more of what the most popular

New Design

The new L-Series offers a smooth and rounded look that’s eminent from the front hood to the rear fenders. This new design not only looks advanced but offers better visibility to help ease operations as well. The sleek and slanted hood provides a greater field of vision, which becomes handy for front loader operations. Visibility is also enhanced with new multiple headlamps that are useful in dark and inclement conditions. Furthermore, the one-piece front hood can be fully opened for easier access to the engine to make routine inspections and maintenance a breeze.

Spacious Operator’s Deck

To provide maximum comfort, the L3200 and L3800 feature a spacious operator platform. Its semi-flat design also makes getting on and off the tractors easier.

Suspension Seat

The suspension seat offers a high level of

comfort. This contoured seat is ergonomically

designed to reduce fatigue, even after long


Conveniently Located PTO Lever

To further enhance access and entry/exit, the

PTO lever is located on the right side of the operator’s seat (HST models), or to the right side of the deck center cover (gear-drive models).

Tool Box

A handy toolbox is located right behind the driver’s

seat for easy access. Models with the backhoe will have the toolbox above the left fender next to the driver’s seat.

Radiator Screen

Thanks to the full-open hood, the radiator screen easily slides in and out to simplify its cleaning.

Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS)

For maximum protection, all models come with foldable ROPS as a standard feature.

3-point Hitch

The large capacity hydraulic pump and cylinder provide powerful lifting capacity, allowing you to use a wider range of implements.

Choice Of Tyres

Tyres designed for specific jobs enable the L3200 and L3800 to perform even better. Select from AG, Industrial, and Turf.

Beckside Machinery supplies an extensive range of used compact tractors for sale, such as Iseki compact tractors for sale, or a Yanma compact tractor for sale, etc.

For more information, please visit or call us on 01673 828 965 today.

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