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Mastering Tree Management: The Power of Beckside Machinery's Tractor Log Splitters and PTO Wood Chip

Efficient tree management is crucial for property owners, farmers, and professionals working with trees. Two essential pieces of outdoor power equipment that can make handling trees easy and efficient are tractor log splitters and PTO wood chippers. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the practical benefits of Beckside Machinery's FARMASTER WCP100 PTO Wood Chipper and GOLIATH 27-ton Tractor Log Splitter, their features, and how to use them safely and effectively.

FARMASTER WCP100: A Heavy-Duty PTO Wood Chipper for Any Task

A PTO (Power Take-Off) wood chipper is an attachment that connects to a tractor's PTO shaft, converting the tractor's engine power into chipping power. This versatile tool can process branches, limbs, and small trees into wood chips for various uses, such as mulch, compost, or fuel. The FARMASTER WCP100 is ideal for tree removal due to windfall, rot, or landscaping preferences, making it easy to handle the process.

Features and Benefits

The FARMASTER WCP100 is a heavy-duty wood chipper designed to accept entire trees in pieces up to 5" in diameter. Its integration with the 3-point hitch system and PTO on your compact tractor ensures simple transport, operation, and storage. Additionally, this tree chipper shredder has a hinged feed chute that can be removed for a more compact size when not in use.

This woodchipper features a fully movable exit chute, allowing you to direct the path of the chips as they exit the machine. This makes the operation safer, easier, and cleaner, with less mess during the clean-up stage. With its oversized rotor, reversible blades, and integrated air vents, the FARMASTER WCP100 provides efficient wood processing with an operational RPM rate of 540–1000.

Recommended for use with tractors up to 40HP, the FARMASTER WCP100 works with most models from major brands, such as Kubota Tractor, Kioti Tractor, and Branson Tractors. For more information or to purchase, call Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965.

GOLIATH 27-ton Tractor Log Splitter: Robust and Efficient

The GOLIATH 27-ton tractor log splitter for sale is a robustly constructed log splitter designed to fit any compact tractor with a Cat 1 hydraulic system. This includes small tractors right up to high horsepower tractors. The GOLIATH 27-ton features a specially forged splitting wedge that has been hardened to produce the best splitting action of a tractor wood splitter.

Features and Benefits

With a maximum 27-ton splitting force, the GOLIATH tractor log splitter connects to a CAT 1 compact tractor without needing a direct motor as a power source. It offers two positions: vertical and horizontal, and with a 4.5" ram, it can cut logs up to 25 1/2 inches in length and approximately 17 3/4 inches in diameter. With an automatic return, the cycle time reaches 11-12 seconds, making your work efficient and precise.

All GOLIATH tractor-mounted wood splitters and petrol wood splitters are built with power, performance, and durability in mind. To order the GOLIATH 27-ton Tractor Log Splitter, click to add to cart, or call Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965 for more information or to order over the telephone. They also stock a full range of GOLIATH petrol log splitters for sale.

In conclusion, Beckside Machinery's FARMASTER WCP100 PTO Wood Chipper and GOLIATH 27-ton Tractor Log Splitter are powerful tools that can make tree management easy and efficient. By understanding their features and benefits, you can effectively process trees from start to finish. Invest in these high-quality tools, and they will serve you well for years to come.

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