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New Polaris RANGER DIESEL DRIVES Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric and Welding Equipment

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII), has engineered a Polaris RANGER Diesel CREW side-by-side Polaris UTV with an integrated multi-power system, a first for vehicles during this category. A flip of a switch enables drivers to control hydraulic, pneumatic, welding and electric equipment directly from the vehicle’s diesel through the integrated HIPPO™ Multipower™ System from the Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Company.

The Polaris RANGER Diesel with HIPPO MPS represents a renewed expansion into non-traditional businesses for Polaris to serve its increasing base of labor customers. Operators within the rail, municipal, construction, oil and gas, rental, utilities and mining applications, also because the military, already consider the proven HIPPO MPS indispensable and this all-in-one solution improves their flexibility and mobility even more. this is often often often the primary period a Polaris vehicle’s engine has been engineered to control a strong multi-power system a touch just like the HIPPO.

“The versatility started by integrating the Polaris RANGER Diesel with theHIPPO MPS is very valuable for transporting personnel, heavy-duty tools and a four-in-one power source to hard-to-reach job sites,” said Dave Longren, leader of Polaris’ Off-Road Vehicles division. “When getting on-site means going off-road, our customers trust us to urge them there. They also trust inside the potential of HIPPO power equipment and mixing the 2 meets an important need for our customers”

A properly maintained vehicle will simply got to be fueled up and it's able to go for all the equipment is powered from the POLARIS RANGER’s 24 horsepower diesel . This feature greatly reduces the upkeep time related to four separate systems. The combined HIPPO 1041CP Multipower System features a hydraulic tool circuit, two quick disconnect pneumatic fittings, two 120 volt electric outlets at 20 amps and an individual welding console with quick disconnects.

The POLARIS RANGER is that the proper vehicle to partner with the HIPPO MPS. Characteristics like seating for 3 , On-Demand True All-wheel drive to tackle tough terrain, 500-pound cargo box size and one ton of towing capacity, ensure a highly-capable vehicle ready to tackle the toughest of jobs.

“The Polaris RANGER purchasable with HIPPO MPS enables people to travel everywhere and do anything – providing robust power to remote locations; quickly, easily and reliably,” said Chris Klope, chief managing officer, Mobile Hydraulics Equipment Company. “No one does off-road Polaris UTVs better than Polaris and joining our HIPPO Multipower unit with this vehicle delivers a singular tool, simplifying work for the user. All-terrain manoeuvrability with hydraulic, electric, welding and pneumatic drive at the touch of a button – it just doesn’t get any easier than that.”

The POLARIS RANGER with HIPPO MPS is currently available purchasable through authorized dealers, Polaris Fleet Sales and defense channels.

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