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New Polaris Ranger For Sale UK 2022 Line-up

Following a year that observed more consumers engaging in outdoor pursuits than ever before, Polaris Off-Road has revealed its 2022 model year lineup for the UK, with different models, colour options and upgrades over the RANGER, RZR, GENERAL and Sportsman makes.

Headlining the 2022 series is the all-new RANGER SP 570 and RANGER Diesel Deluxe, bringing the industry’s No.1-selling UTV side-by-side vehicle to the next level with user-inspired modifications and progressions.


RANGER 570 has been the top option for farmers, landowners and outdoor lovers for more than a decade, and now, with rider-inspired characteristics to deliver enhanced capacity, comfort and drivability, the latest mid-size RANGER SP 570 operates harder and rides smoother than ever previously.

“Our consumers lead a busy lifestyle and they don’t want to settle on the two things they bother most about: doing good quality work and having time with the family. The RANGER SP 570 was created so they don’t have to make these trade-offs; it’s excellent for work, fun to ride and the ideal fit.”

Chris Judson, Vice President of GENERAL, RANGER and ATV, Polaris

Redesigned from the bottom up, the RANGER SP 570 emphasizes a bold, updated fashion along with a multitude of rider-inspired developments. The redesigned cargo box is approximately 30% larger, delivering class-leading size with a single-handle tailgate for quick and easy admittance for loading and unloading cargo. In addition, integrated tie-downs, openings for cargo dividers, and Lock & Ride attachment positions allow users to secure cargo and maximize utility quickly.

Hitting well above its weight, the established Prostar 570cc double-overhead-cam engine carries class-leading power onward with a new CVT system, two-times more extended belt life and an upsized and re-tuned clutch operation for improved low-speed drivability. In addition, the all-new suspension produces 25.4 cm of ground clearance, a shorter turning radius and a condensed width of 144.5 cm, giving the 570 a best-in-class combination of manoeuvrability and ability.

With approximately 75 litres of onboard storage, including a mobile phone holster, embedded storage bins, a map or tablet pouch, and a huge sealed glove box, riders can take everything they require for the ride. The cab is made around the user: The dash has been propelled back to give more knee room and there is a new quieter exhaust style so drivers can enjoy a conversation while the UTV for sale is running.

Polaris also offers 40 brand-new accessories for the RANGER SP 570, with four new accessory groups: Farm, Hunt, Landowner, and Trail. Riders now have more choices than ever for customization based on how they use their off-road vehicle. With the unveiling of the RANGER SP 570, comes the start of Polaris Pro Shield cab elements to the lineup. Polaris's most impenetrable sealing cab system decreases noise, water, and dust from the cab for best rider comfort. Additionally, drivers can enjoy their favourite tunes wirelessly through the JBL® Trail 4.0 audio system.

The RANGER SP 570 appears in three colour options for the UK: Hunter Edition in Polaris Pursuit Camo, Sage Green, and Nordic Pro Edition in Black Pearl with a winch and an in-cab heater.


Produced and launched especially for markets in Europe, Middle East and Australia in 2019, the RANGER Diesel included refined execution with the all-new diesel engine, improved ergonomics, an upgraded frame and class-leading abilities.

New for 2022, Polaris offers the RANGER Diesel Deluxe, combining the same strength, dependability and ability, with premium upgrades.

“The new Diesel Deluxe design is focused on providing our consumers the value and key characteristics they want in an off-road vehicle, straight from the factory.”

Jenika Bishop, Product Manager for Polaris RANGER

Giving a premium look and feel, the RANGER Diesel Deluxe is possible in a sleek Matte Titanium finish, along with emphasised LED headlights. The LED lights produce 60-percent more than the traditional halogen lights for enhanced visibility in low-light situations, enabling riders to stay outdoors for longer to get the work done. In addition, the conventional steel wheels have been upgraded to new 12-inch black aluminium wheels with 27-inch 6-ply Maxxis tyres.

It’s not only the exterior changes that give the new Diesel more elegance. Within, riders will find an upgraded steering wheel with accent trim, added branding, all-new seats with a moulded fit offering premium taste, further bolstering, and next-level luxury.

Fitted straight at the factory, the Ranger Diesel Deluxe issues with an under-seat box for enhanced storage, a pre-installed 8 vent in-cab heater, plus a noise reduction system to create a more relaxed, quieter cabin.


In extension to the all-new RANGER SP 570, the full-size RANGER entrants receive numerous upgrades for 2022. Polaris is always attending to its riders and Polaris UK dealers, and the new full-size lineup incorporates improvements straight from their feedback. More luxury and capability are critical for utility side-by-side buyers.

For 2022, RANGER adds brand-new seats. Redesigned seats give next-level comfort thanks to improved cushioning and more superior material, while improved bolstering keeps drivers more securely seated when travelling over rough territory. Available on all XP 1000 variants.

New tones have been included to the RANGER model lineup, RANGER XP 1000 Premium possible in RANGER XP 1000 Premium ABS in Ghost Grey, and Matte Titanium (3-seat and crew models). New for 2022, Polaris embraces the RANGER CREW 1000 in Stealth Grey into the EMEA market.


Different colours have been joined to the Polaris RZR Pro XP program for 2022, with the RZR Pro XP Sport now possible in Cruiser Black, while the Pro XP Ultimate model is now viable in a Super Graphite choice.


Polaris GENERAL, the all-around experience side-by-side that offers more execution, comfort and versatility than anything other in its class, sees different upgrades and options ready for 2022. GENERAL 1000 Deluxe ABS two-seat design and GENERAL 4 1000 Deluxe design are now possible in Steely Blue, and issue with an upgraded synthetic rope with a unique blacked-out, forged hook, rubber isolator, and aluminium fairlead.


Polaris Sportsman, the No.1-selling motorised Polaris quad bikes for sale, and Polaris Scrambler, the real performance ATV, are now possible in new colours over the utility, touring and sports list. The Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 is now possible in Black Pearl, whilst the touring XP 1000 design is possible in Navy Bue. The Sportsman XP 1000 S design also has a colour variation to Super Graphite. For the Scrambler list, the Scrambler XP 1000 S now appears in Radar Blue for 2022.

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