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One year later: the Polaris Ranger Diesel

For quite 20 years, Polaris has been building off-road side-by-side vehicles that perform better, work harder, and ride smoother. One year ago in April 2019, Polaris launched its latest addition to the Polaris Ranger line-up with the brand-new Polaris Ranger Diesel, representing years of research and development to make the last word agricultural vehicle, inspired by its users.

One year on, Polaris reminisce at what went into the event of the all-new Polaris Ranger Diesel…

“The Polaris Ranger Diesel design and build process mainly began with feedback from the customer ” – said Product Manager of Polaris Off-Road Vehicles EMEA, Frederic Mardon. “We had been within the Diesel marketplace for a short time and had an honest amount of customer insight data – once we dug into the small print , it had been clear that our customer use patterns were very different from country to country. Over in Europe for instance , the hours of use are much higher, and therefore the environment tends to be tougher than that of our North American powersports customers. We saw the chance to develop our existing Ranger Diesel into a machine specifically adapted to those conditions.”

This UTV for sale features a replacement diesel to deliver extreme durability and enhanced power, plus an increased engine service internal to over 200 hours; delivering a lower cost of ownership – only one of the various upgrades to the vehicle that made it more fitted to international markets.

“We spent tons of your time within the field with farmers and small-holding owners before conceptualising the Polaris Ranger Diesel. The objectives were driven from the voice of the customer; improved reliability and sturdiness , performance and refinement. Customer studies began in late 2016 and therefore the project was approved in 2017.”

With sturdiness and refinement being essential to customer satisfaction, the Ranger Diesel features an all-new one-piece chassis design, offering a replacement large front bumper and a full body skid plate for 50% more protection to the underside of the vehicle. Internally, there’s more legroom, 2.5cm of additional seat cushioning, less engine noise in-cab and 17% more internal storage. With customer feedback at the guts of its design, testing the new vehicle in real-life scenarios played a crucial role in preparing the Ranger Diesel for production.

“We made a commitment to urge it right the primary time or we might not launch the new Ranger Diesel. As a part of this approach, we tested the new Ranger Diesel during a number of various real-life scenarios during the event process. We outputted consumer test units to certain European agricultural and Polaris UTV customers in July 2018. Testing in their environment was essential before we made the ultimate call to travel to production, and therefore the results and customer satisfaction was overwhelming – it gave us the arrogance to release the merchandise into production in February 2019.”

One year on and therefore the Ranger Diesel has become the benchmark for utility side-by-side vehicles within the industry, taking the foundations of the previous model and showcasing what a diesel model is actually capable of. With refined performance, enhanced ergonomics and class-leading capabilities, the Ranger Diesel is formed to perform to the very best standards for years to return , and it continues to serve its hard-working customers across Europe. Middle East and Africa.

If you are interested in a Polaris Ranger for sale, UK, Beckside Machinery, Polaris UK Dealers are here to help. Please call us on 01673 828 965 today.

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