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Phoenix 200 Polaris Quad Bike | Pre-Ride Inspection

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Before you ride the Phoenix 200 Polaris Quad Bike, perform the free ride inspection as described in the owner's manual warning. Read understand and follow all of the instructions warnings and safety precautions in the owner's manual and on all product labels.

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Failure to follow these instructions warnings and safety precautions could result in serious injury or death.

  • Visually examine the Polairs quad looking for debris leaks and worn components that may impair the vehicle's operation.

  • Check the condition of the tires scanning for any sign of punctures or damage

  • Check the tire pressures and tread depth and confirm that they are within specification.

  • Inspect the suspension and brakes for leaks, debris and damage

  • Remove the seat and examine the battery cables for tightness also examine the intake system for blockage or debris and clean as necessary.

Notice: Do not spray water directly into the intake system as this can result in water intrusion to the engine.

  • Next inspect the engine oil levels to do this you will need to start the vehicle for one to two minutes.

  • Ensure the vehicle is on a level surface in a well ventilated area.

  • Stop the engine check the oil level and add oil as necessary to maintain the level at the center of the site glass caution operating with insufficient deteriorated or contaminated engine oil will cause accelerated wear and may result in engine or transmission seizure which could result in the loss of control and serious injury or death.

  • Caution do not overfilled over filling can result in a loss of engine performance in an oil saturated air filter.

  • Use a suction tool to remove excess oil if overfilled during the key on.

  • Examine the headlight tail light and brake lights for proper operation check the steering for smooth movement from full left to full right operate the throttle and brake levers.

  • Taking note of any binding or sticking on the engine and verify the low oil pressure light is not illuminated.

  • Stop the engine with the run stop switch and ensure the engine does not restart.

For more information call Beckside Machiinery authorized Polaris dealer UK on 01673 828 965.

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