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pivotable arm on tractor-mounted log splitter

According to this compact tractor attachment, the tractor wood splitter can also be used for transporting plywood sections, which are clamped and held between the wedge and the counter holder. It is only possible to transport one single piece of plywood this way. A wide support is created by the Branson tractor or Kioti compact tractor support so that several plywood sections can be transported, especially those parts of the plywood that have already been split. On the trestle, can the transport support be pivoted? If the tool elements are pivoted, it can be removed from the work area; otherwise, the Branson tractor support is removable.

To solve this problem, one arm of the tractor mounted log splitter is pivotable and lockable in two working positions, pointing in the direction of movement of the drive parallel axis, with the tool element arranged above the arm in one and below or to the side of the arm in the other.

It is possible to open a section of plywood from above the arm, which can then be dropped and split by actuating the drive if the tool element carried by the arm is actuated, as well as if the opposite tool element is actuated above the arm.

When tool elements lie below or to the side of the arm, the log splitter for sale can be brought to the plywood section by using heavy plywood sections that are lowered from above onto a section of plywood lying on the floor.

It is being achieved through the use of a piston-cylinder unit that is operated by fluid pressure, a piston rod that is attached to an element of the tool, and a rotatably mounted arm around the cylinder axis.

It is also useful to be able to support broad transport support on the one hand on a trestle and on the other hand on an arm in a horizontal plane, a useful embodiment. There is a further development in that the compact tractor support can be pivoted on the trestle along one horizontal axis that runs transversely to the direction in which the driver moves.

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