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Polaris announces new quadbikes for sale

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

All-New Polaris quad bikes for sale intended to reach the most remote locations – gives ultimate traction, payload and adaptability.

Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII), the chief in Off-Road Vehicles, today launched the all-new Polaris BIG BOSS 6x6 for sale Polaris ATV to the company's robust off-road lineup. The new Polaris BIG BOSS six-wheel drive offers more adhesion, range, capacity, and versatility to exercise on the most demanding off-road conditions and was made for customers desiring to reach the most remote locations.

"The all-new BIG BOSS gives ultimate utility for our customers who use ATVs for tremendous hunting trips or need to work in the hardest of conditions," said Steve Smith, director of Product Planning, of Polaris Off-Road Vehicles. ". Unlike another Polaris quad, it is designed especially for customers who need ultimate traction, massive payload and hauling versatility. This vehicle takes on the biggest jobs, anyplace."

The Polaris BIG BOSS quadbikes for sale are the manufacturers first 6x6 ATV made for two people and it can haul incredible quantities of gear with the industry's most massive payload, a highly configurable Lock & Ride® cargo arrangement, and combined front storage.

The Sportsman Polaris BIG BOSS 6x6 specs have a more extended chassis to support more cargo and a second person. The independent, fully integrated passenger system incorporates a raised second seat for more clarity, as well as hand grips and foot rests. Back of the passenger, an 800-lb. (362 kg) limit gas-assist dump box with steel Lock & Ride area rails; dual rear racks with combined 5-gallon bucket mounts; and six high positioned, tie-down points ensure the most oversized loads are safe. Integrated box dividers enable the dump box to be configured into two different segments while the stake pouches add height to the package to carry more things. Upfront, the vehicle presents, even more, carrying capacity with the trade's only combined, 6.5-gal (24.61 L) front room and factory-installed rack extender which can carry 90 lbs. (40 kg). The transportation also is equipped with a conventional 2-in (5.08 cm) receiver and has a 1,500-lb. (680 kg) towing ability to haul out big game or work harder on the job place.

For added versatility, the BIG BOSS quad bikes for sale UK can be customized for the greatest hunts and most remote jobs all year about with more than 30 Polaris Engineered quad bike accessories, such as a quad mower. The transportation offers the ultimate in fast and easy accessory alliance with the industry's only integrated winch and plough mounts. Accessories such as the ATV flail mower for sale, additional tie-down points, and more safety to the rear box; and the convertible, dry area accessory box, which can be used in both in the one-up or two-up riding condition, allows the BIG BOSS to be even handier.

To travel to the most remote areas, a farm quad bike must be fuel efficient and can conquer the most-demanding terrain while preserving the operator comfort. The BIG BOSS does all of these.

For ultimate range and proven production, the BIG BOSS ATV quad bike features the highly effective, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder Pro-Star® 570 engine, producing 44 horsepower and plenty of torque for operating, hunting and traversing tough terrain. The machine features dual overhead cams and four valves, along with an automotive-style Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) method for flawless starts and smooth performance in varied temperature and altitude. The vehicle possesses the industry's largest fuel volume at 6.75 gal (25.6 L), about 50-percent more than most ATVs, and an industry-leading range of up to 130 miles (209 km) securing the operator can focus on the hunt or acquiring job completion.

To tackle the most challenging terrain, the BIG BOSS relies on Polaris' established and legendary All-Wheel Independent Suspension with the greatest rear suspension travel of any 6x6 (8.2 in [20.83 cm] front, 9.5 in [24.93 cm] rear) and 11.5 in. (29.21 cm) of ground clearing. The vehicle features 4WD and 6WD choices with the flip of a switch, and the industry's quickest engaging High-Performance On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD) method to give the operator instant action when more traction is needed. To complement the drive mode, the BIG BOSS is equipped with dynamic 26-in. (66.04 cm) PXT tires that are Polaris-proven and reliable in all types of territory. For traversing mountainous areas, the vehicle also highlights Polaris' exclusive Engine Braking System (EBS) with Active Descent Control (ADC) that operate together to provide six-wheel braking for optimum control and even deceleration during descents.

To make the most significant hunts and most-remote jobs easier and more satisfying, the BIG BOSS is possibly the best quad bike has features that ensure the carrier does the brunt of the work. The new, changeable assist Electronic Power Steering (EPS) is the simplest to use in the industry. Produced to deliver all-day comfort and power in every application, it automatically changes to the riding conditions for smooth low-speed technical manoeuvres, and excellent feel and power at high speeds. The EPS ensures the quad-bike is a pleasure to drive, easily manoeuvring tight trails or rugged job situations. For rider comfort, the narrow seat and broad, flat floorboards provide a more natural sitting posture and easier operator manoeuvrability. The vehicle also has the highest clarity of any 6x6, due to the rider seat and its steerable three-beam, 150W forward lighting, which guarantees a lighted path even while turning, making it a reliable work companion regardless of the time of day.

For the best quad bikes, visit Beckside Machinery, official Polaris UK dealers.

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