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Polaris ATV for sale: safety video

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Rider Comfort

Following certain operating circumstances, energy produced by the engine and exhaust system can boost temperatures in the rider cab space. the state occurs most commonly when a vehicle is being operated in high ambient temperatures at low velocities and/or high load conditions for an lengthened period of time. The use of particular wind-shield, roof and/or cab arrangements may add to this situation by diminishing airflow. Any trouble due to heat buildup in this area can be overcome by wearing proper riding clothes and by varying speeds to promote airflow.


Utilizing a helmet can prevent a severe head trauma. Whenever handling this POLARIS ATV for sale, constantly use a helmet that matches or surpasses authorised safety standards.

Approved helmets in Europe, Asia and Oceania exhibit the ECE 22.05 label. The ECE label consists of a sphere enclosing the letter E, followed by the appropriate number of the nation which has awarded approval. The approval number and serial number will likewise be shown on the label.

Eye Protection

Don't rely on spectacles or sunglasses for eye security. Whenever travelling in a POLARIS ATV for sale, continually wear shatterproof goggles or use a shatterproof headgear face shield. POLARIS suggests wearing approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) bearing markings such as VESC 8, V-8, Z87.1, or CE. Make sure protective eye wear is kept clean.


Use gloves for support and for protection from sun, cold weather and other circumstances.


Wear sturdy over-the-ankle boots for care and protection. Never ride a POLARIS ATV for sale with bare feet or sandals.


Wear long sleeves and long pants to protect arms and legs.

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