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First established in 2016 by Grant White, a 25-year Royal Marine and lower-leg amputee, Future Terrain has become among the leading charities in the world to aid the rehabilitation and recovery of injured, wounded and sick service staff through off-road vehicle adventures and expeditions. Along the way, the charity gives coaching, a critically supportive atmosphere, and the opportunity to improve practical skillsets and gain qualifications.

The motivation of Future Terrain came from founder Grant's involvement with a previous charity that registered disabled drivers in the DAKAR Rally; believing it was a great opportunity; Grant leapt at the chance.

"DAKAR was something I'd forever seen on TV and I thought it was a fantastic occasion and idea for disabled drivers. The chief thing I noticed at the event was the number of characters it brought together; there was a large ethos of teamwork around the whole experience. Driving old Freelanders with not much cash, drivers weren't going back to their big trucks for a social event each night; they're running around the clock to keep the cars working. It was a fabulous thing to be a part of."

Grant White, Founder of Future Terrain

Whilst Grant was connected with this effort, he immediately saw the camaraderie that encompassed the event between the participants – not only was it a great social event for the team and the drivers, but the evening chats around the fireside allowed the service personnel to open up about their own experiences.

"People began to talk about their disabilities, their difficulties at home, their lives and then all of a sudden somebody else started up. The camaraderie was unbelievable."

Grant White, Founder of Future Terrain

Grant experienced a light bulb moment; there was an occasion to do something that hadn't been done before…

"I understood that there were some good people included in this challenge, so I questioned if they favoured taking it a bit further by building a new charity with a comparable challenge the DAKAR, but a bit more simple."

Grant White, Founder of Future Terrain

Therefore, Future Terrain was founded.

Future Terrain has welcomed its veterans to a vast number of international places and events, and this year is set to be similar. Whilst pitching to their principal sponsor, they were addressed by the chairman of the Endeavour Fund with the intention of a quad bike trip across the Sahara.

"We very soon said 'yes' and coiled our arms around it. We took it in a way that I don't think they were anticipating. Naturally, it's not just a case of getting people a plane ticket, giving them an off-road vehicle and directing them to follow a route - there is a complete process that needed to be done before which we were capable of helping with given our past experience."

Grant White, Founder of Future Terrain

The Fennec Endeavour in Morocco, started on 18th September 2021 with both a motorbike team and a Polaris UTV team consisting of above twenty former armed forces staff. The Future Terrain team used the Polaris RZRs that Polaris Morocco has contributed.

"We were super enthusiastic on the opportunity to work with Polaris and use what is essentially kind of the ultimate all-terrain vehicle. They're very light; they've got a grand footprint. The ground pressure is lightweight; they're really safe."

Charles Sincock, Trustee and Volunteer of Future Terrain

"It's also sensual enough that people want to be included but it also fits the demands in regard to the SSV requirements as well."

Grant White, Founder of Future Terrain

Beforehand, the team were only handling Dacia Dusters for their efforts but now with Polaris RZRs beside, the Fennec Endeavour will be that bit more comfortable.

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