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Polaris empowers women of all skill levels worldwide to “Just Ride!” on Saturday, 1st May, recognising the 15th annual global event.

Polaris Off-Road Vehicles | Female International Ride Day

Polaris Inc. is already again joining strengths with International Female Ride Day (IFRD) to celebrate and quicken women's participation in Powersports. The 15th annual IFRD repeats on the first Saturday of May, when ladies in over 120 countries take their motorcycles, off-road vehicles, Polaris quad bikes, snowmobiles or another Powersports vehicle in unity and assistance of the female riding population.

Since its beginning, International Female Ride Day has shone a flashlight on women drivers. Over the last decade, female ridership has grown significantly, and the momentum created on this one day is needed to continue improving the future of motorsport for women.


Support of IFRD is easy— “Just Ride!”

Women worldwide can honour the day by simply getting outside to ride, whether the distance or riding solo or with friends and family. Riders can also participate in the digital festival by sharing photos of their rides on social media.

Irrespective of how or where you ride, Polaris and IFRD promote safe riding practices. Wear proper safety gear, perform pre-ride vehicle inspections and follow regional and local guidelines for social distancing to guard against the spread of COVID-19.

Beckside Machinery are official Polaris Dealers, UK.

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